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See How We Demystify the Tax Form 1040 for You

Tax form 1040 is simpleHave you given any thought as to what tax form 1040 you’ll be filing this year? Each year a lot of taxpayers have that question and try to figure out the best way to file their income taxes.

Quite a few still take their records to a CPA even though they end up filing a standard deduction return. Don’t waste your hard earned money by doing your taxes this way.

Some others stop by the nearest office supply store and buy a tax preparation software program, and get their tax returns filed. In the back of their mind however, they wonder if the tax program calculated all of the tax credits and other deductions that they were eligible for.

There is a better way to file your taxes, and each year more and more taxpayers are discovering this. Taxpayers in this group are able to file taxes online, and at a much lower cost. They don’t have to be concerned as to what tax form 1040 will be needed either.

Our online tax filing program at will figure it out for them. They also discovered that they no longer have to gather their tax records and go to a CPA. They now can get everything organized and from the comfort of their home, file their taxes online. [bctt tweet=”Don’t let tax forms confuse you. We’ll guide you all the way.” username=”HBSMoneyTips”]

This method of filing taxes has become extremely popular. Doing a search on the internet will bear this out. Just type in one of the popular keywords like “file taxes online” and see the millions of results on your computer screen. And, if that isn’t confusing enough, just check out the different pricing options.

The folks at with whom we are affiliated, take the confusion out of the equation. Instead of a screen full of confusing pricing options, they make it real easy for you. Those of you who file the tax form 1040EZ with gross income below $100,000.00, and meet a few simple requirements of the IRS, will file the federal return free of charge.

That means that your only charge will be our very low fee to file your state return. Plus, if you happen to have income that must be reported in several different states, we prepare those returns too!

This is why we are so excited with this amazing software. Someone who has never filed a tax return before can file an accurate and complete return. There’s no need to figure out what tax form 1040 you’ll need, or for that matter, what other forms and schedules that you need.

As soon as you access our program, and login, the intuitive program will ask you a few easy interview type questions.  Right after you answer the questions, this awesome program knows precisely what tax forms you need.

It will actually present you copies of a form on the screen like your W-2 form and ask you to fill it out from the W-2 that was sent to you. Nothing hard about that.

Once you have the information entered, the software transfers the information to every IRS tax form where it’s required. That’s right…it fills out every tax form that is needed.  That’s not all either.

From your answers to the easy questions and the information that you entered from your tax forms, it knows every tax credit and deduction that you can get, and calculates it for you. It doesn’t stop there either.

If you qualify for the free federal return, you can be sure you’ll get it. If you don’t qualify, the program will move you up to the next lowest tier. No need to know or wonder where you stand…it’s all done automatically with no hassle. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

The question that we mentioned earlier what tax form 1040 you need is taken care of for you. If you like to compare our charges, we make it easy with a three tier configuration. As we mentioned, the first tier is a free federal return.

After that, a 1040A return would be $29.95, and then no matter how complex your return is, only $49.95. That means you could have several business schedules or rental properties, or any other schedule. A small charge for your state return applies to each tier.

Everyone knows how complicated our tax code is, and how often it changes. We make sure that you don’t have to worry about that. As soon as any change comes out, our software is updated immediately. Plus, the folks at go out of their way to make that great program so easy that a first time tax filer can breeze right on through.

Instead of wondering what kind of tax forms you need to file, why don’t you give our amazing program a try? You can actually take a test drive and prepare your entire return, right up to a complete review before filing.

If you like it, just proceed through to e-filing. If not, you can stop right there and there is no charge or obligation. We’re sure, however, that you’ll be as excited as we are and will let our program figure out what tax form 1040 you should be filing. You’ll be glad you did.

Here’s the link for you to try the easiest online tax filing at

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