Living On a Budget Without Overspending

Living On a Budget Without Overspending

Overspending. Who Me? Try Living On a Budget.

Most of us have asked ourselves that question on numerous occasions, sometimes in disbelief. We never dreamed that it would be possible, until we look at our credit card balances that have been slowly increasing. Would living on a budget prevent that?

Usually, overspending is not a conscious effort. It could start with something as simple as meeting friends on the way to work for a latte. Your cash is spent so you just charge the drink, no big deal.

A couple of times during the week, the same friends suggest that you have dinner with them. You are shocked when the credit card bill arrives and you add up those unplanned charges that total $320.00.

You didn’t realize how easy it was to overspend without being aware of it.  Now how do you tell your friends that you can’t View full post…

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Money Management Important Tips

Money Management Important Tips

Powerful Tips for Money Management

When young adults begin to work and receive their first paycheck, they get a taste of a sense of real freedom & don’t usually think about money management.  This feeling is usually not combined with the little voice that says, Save your money.  They suddenly find that they are sharing their wealth and are buying things they could not afford in the past.  Celebration is not bad, but it is only meant for rare occasions.  Freedom comes with responsibilities.

If real money management is not practiced early, there is a real chance that spending will often be more gluttonous than necessity.

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What’s The Best Personal Budget Software?

The Best Personal Budget Software for You

Personal budget softwareReading reviews that others have written about personal budget software is a good way to begin to narrow down software that might be right for you.  Software that will help you save money is the goal.

You have to exercise a healthy dose of skepticism when reading reviews.  Reviews may not be written by actual users but may actually be company employees and/or affiliates who sell the product for a commission.  What reviews are really good for are highlighting the options that will best serve your budgeting needs.  Really good products will have many people talking about their positive experiences with the product.

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The Best Budget Software – Get It Now

How Best Budget Software Will Help You Achieve Financial Success

Get the best budget software

Portrait of happy young couple working on laptop together

Budget; it is often one of the most dreaded B-words around. The word budget conjures up images of frugality and lack for many people, which seems the opposite of the freedom that most people truly want. However, the best budget software will help you to increase your wealth not decrease your pleasures.

Budgeting can be a daunting task unless you have the best budget software.  If you have debt and want to get out from under it, want to easily take control of your finances, and finally want to live financially free then you need the best budget software.

Let’s look at some of the top reasons you need budgeting software available.

1.  Where does your money go? Most individuals are unaware of exactly how and where they are spending their money.  Without a clear picture, people do not know if they are maximizing their money.

People generally fall into one of 3 categories:

People that live paycheck to paycheck

People that do not understand the value of putting money into savings

People who are scared to spend and literally live in a financial prison

People fail to live to their life fully and money is often at the root of it.  There should always be a perfect balance between what you make, spend, and save.  The best budget software helps you to strike that perfect balance.

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Budget Software – Track Your Spending

Budget Software – Do I Really Need It?

Budget software will helpYou can do a search on the internet for budget software and you’ll get millions of results. So many, in fact, you’ll be more confused than when you began. You can also type in the search term “reviews of budget software”, and guess what? Yeah, you guessed it, millions of results again from the many affiliates of different software vendors.

Even in those results, you’ll find some that are helpful, some that like to use the word FREE, but the bottom line is, will those programs solve your problem and give you exactly what you need? If the budget software program doesn’t give you what you need, then it isn’t right for you, even if it’s free.

What our firm has found out after reviewing and using many
software packages, is that user experience, trust, and excellent support are crucial. View full post…

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Create A Budget In College

Should I Create a Budget In College? – Absolutely, Learn How Here

Create a budget in collegeIf you don’t know how to create a budget, or haven’t been advised just how important it is to have one, then this article is for you. If this the first time that you are on your own, and you aren’t able to get a handle on the various school expenses, then you may find that college life may be difficult. Not being able to manage your money responsibly can cause financial difficulties, increased debt, and other concerns that you really don’t need to have.

You may be a very talented individual, especially in the field of study that you are pursuing, and college is expected to help you to take advantage of those talents. You need to expand your mind and learn to function as an independent and responsible adult. It’s very important that you are able to focus on your education, and at the same time, enjoy the social life and extracurricular activities while in college.

To accomplish that, you will need to create a budget that contains a flexible spending plan. That means your variable and fixed expenses must at least equal the financial resources that are available to you. Hopefully, for you, the resources will exceed the expenses.

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Family Budget Software For Your Family’s Financial Future

Family Budget Software For Your Family’s Financial Future

Ways To Secure The Financial Future Of Your Family With Family Budget Software

Do you plan to start a family soon? Do you know that you can provide an additional form of stability by using a good family budget software program? Sometimes we don’t realize it, but taking that big step and starting a family can be an emotional challenge.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we will deal with various psychological effects as we enter that realm of raising children. Those of us who have gone through remember those many sleepless nights, plus the added responsibility of caring and providing for that new loved one.  As soon as the newborn arrives, an entire new category of expenses must now be added. From health care to baby formula, caring for a child involves a large financial commitment that many fail to consider.

Creating a family budget becomes very important at this point, when you consider that in eighteen short years, the child will be entering college! This is a frightening fact of life that we all have to deal with.  You know that you need to create a family budget, but how in the world do you begin?

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Best Home Budget Software

Best home budget software

If you’re one of the individuals who would rather have a root canal done that create a home budget, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and we urge you to read on. It’s essential now, especially with the adverse economic conditions, to be able to track your spending, and reduce debt. With our home budget software, you can do both.

Please don’t listen to those self proclaimed financial gurus in the government. The economy may be showing some minute signs of recovery, but it will take several years for any substantial gains. Look at the unemployment rate in the US plus the absolute chaos in Europe with unmanageable debt. The additional high debt created in the US by the current administration isn’t going to help fuel a recovery either. The point that we’re trying to make is, now is the time to get a handle on your financial situation by tracking your spending, reducing debt, and very important, create a reserve fund for future unforeseen emergencies.

We are fully aware that it is difficult to begin to create a household or a personal budget. Many individuals simply don’t know how to go about it because they feel they’re not qualified, or perhaps are so burdened with debt, that there aren’t any dollars left. Some couples are even working two additional jobs just trying to make ends meet.  Home budget software can guide you through this maze.

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Why Do You Need Personal Budget Software?

4 Concepts Of A Personal Budget Software Program That You Need

Personal budget softwareWe mentioned a personal budget software program in our previous post that we recommend to our clients. The program is not only inexpensive, but the name really says it all…You Need A Budget. The developer of the program could not have found a better name for it, because the truth of the matter is, we all need a budget.

There are some individuals who shudder at the idea of creating a budget, and then to live within the terms of the budget, is just too much to deal with. However, you can look just about anywhere in the world today and see that the day of reckoning has arrived. For many, many years, every country, including the USA, has spent foolishly and recklessly. If the cash wasn’t there, it didn’t matter, just borrow and worry about paying it back at a later date. Well the later date is here and countries and individuals are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. 

This personal budget software program, YNAB for short, was developed with a four point philosophy as its basic rules for creating a budget. The four points in this concept are:

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