Ways To Save Money

7 Little-Known Factors That Will Affect Your Ways To Save Money

There are many ways to save moneyWe look for ways to save money, but one of the reasons why so many Americans fail in their dreams to attain wealth, is how to manage money. They have a desire to be financially secure, and to be able to retire in comfort. However, many of them make one or more of the following big money mistakes, and their dreams are shattered.

  1. A long term mortgage

The first place to look for ways to save money is at the terms of your mortgage. Countless Americans have no conception of what happens when they amortize their home purchase over a thirty (30) year period. When you stretch your payment out that long, you actually pay to the lender, two and a half times the original purchase price of your home.

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How To Manage Money – Why Your Child Must Learn This

The Shocking Truth about Your Child’s Education on How to Manage Money

How to manage moneyNow, more than ever, every parent must come to the realization that our children must be taught early how to manage money. You don’t have to look far to see not only individuals having financial problems, but countries as well. I think that we all will agree that money management is important, but what are we doing about it?

Those of you that have children in grade school know that children are not learning about the different ways to save money as a part of their curriculum. As a matter of fact, I’ve spoken with parents of high school graduates who have stated that their child did not have any training in money management throughout the four years of high school either.

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