Filing Taxes Online Is Fast & Easy

Everything You Need to Know About Filing Taxes Online

Filing taxes online is quickHere are a few of the major advantages of filing taxes online with electronic filing:

Organizing your tax records – If you’re audited by the IRS, or if you simply are questioning some part of your tax return, you’ll be able to access the permanent electronic record at any time. When you file taxes online from the comfort of your own computer, you create that permanent electronic record for future use.

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E-file your taxes online for Free – On our site, there View full post…

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Tax Credit Tips

Five Tax Credit Tips for Getting the Tax Relief You Need

Tax credit tipsThe April 15th deadline for filing your taxes doesn’t have to be an aggravating day nor a massive hit on your bank account. Minimize the damage on your wallet by following these five tax credit tips to lower your tax burden with tax credits that you qualify for:

Tip #1 – Know Your Filing Status and Plan Accordingly

The first step to getting a tax credit and reducing your burden on tax payments is to determine your filing status. Filing the right status is no small matter since it determines which tax credits you’re eligible to receive and it can help prevent filing the wrong status, which can cost you in fines.

If you need help determining your filing status, you can take a survey on the IRS website to learn which of the five statuses best applies to you.

Tip #2 – There Are Credits For Students

If you’re taking four years of post-secondary education, you may be eligible View full post…

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Tax Filing Delay Again

Another Delay In Tax Filing & Getting Your Refund? Sure Looks Like It

Delay in tax filing againOnce again, there may be a delay in the beginning of tax filing, this time for the 2013 tax season. The IRS has stated that the reason for this delay is because Congress has not approved another patch for the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). If new legislation isn’t passed to correct this, taxpayers may experience significant delays, because of the time required by the IRS to have their computers reprogrammed.

The Acting Commissioner of the IRS, Steven Miller, sent a letter to Representative Sander Levin, a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, in response to requests made by certain representatives. They wanted to know what the IRS was doing in their View full post…

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