A Solution to Replace the Unfair US Tax Code

A Solution to Replace the Unfair US Tax Code

Finally A Solution to the Current, Highly Complex, & Unfair US Tax Code

If I were to ask this question to a group of American taxpayers, ” Are you happy with our current tax system” what do you think their response would be? I would imagine some would want to see the entire unfair US tax code burned and its authors tarred and feathered.

I think most of us would have to agree the current and extremely complex tax code is far from perfect. So imperfect in fact, that two groups have formulated plans to replace the present tax code. Our goal in this article is to compare the two plans for you to decide if either one has merit. One plan is the Flat Tax and the other is the Fair Tax.

Proponents of the Fair Tax and Flat Tax alternatives both agree that when comparing our tax system with other countries, it shows that the USA lags far behind their more effective method of raising taxes. Each says the best way to correct our ineffective system is to use their particular method of taxation.

Way back in the 2000 presidential election, these View full post…

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Flat Tax or the Current Tax Code?

 Implement a Flat Tax and Bury the Current Tax Code

Another call for a flat taxIs the flat tax finally coming? There are many, like myself, who wish it were, but unfortunately, not just yet.  Two or three decades ago, some knowledgeable financial advisors were touting the benefits of instituting such a tax.

Now, here we are, about thirty years later, and the US debt is $19,229,279,536,521.72 as of today. (Yes, $19 trillion dollars.) That equates to $63,291.00 for every man, woman, and child.

Early in the 2016 presidential primaries, there were several GOP contenders who favored the flat tax. Their beliefs were that it is a fairer tax for all, and that has merit. View full post…

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