Student Loans for Bad Credit | No Credit Check on Federal

The Best Way to Obtain Student Loans for Bad Credit

Student loans for bad creditMost students today must rely on student loans to enter college and pursue a degree. There are several options available generally, but what about those students that have bad credit?

Student loans, for the most part, are granted by the Federal government and private lenders. Student loans for bad credit are mostly Federal as a private lender will require a co-signer who has a strong credit score. The Federal loan does not require a credit check and is based solely on financial need, so student loans with bad credit are not an issue.

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Student Loan Debt Forgiveness | Do You Qualify?

Getting Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Has Never Been This Easy

Have you tried student loan debt forgivenessFor various reasons, the delinquency rate today in student loans is quite high, plus the amounts outstanding are at an all-time high.  In addition, many students are experiencing very high levels of stress because of the amount of student loan debt they are carrying.

You can only imagine the relief a student feels when they are told about student loan debt forgiveness or other loan repayment programs. All of a sudden, he/she can now see the faint light at the end of the tunnel. And maybe all of their student loans will be repaid before they are considering retirement.

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Refinancing a Student Loan – Be Aware

5 Steps to Consider Before Refinancing a Student Loan

Refinancing a student loan In other articles, I have discussed the cost and debt implications of having a student loan.  With the rising cost of college tuition, many young adults are getting in over their head and looking for answers once they graduate.  Refinancing a student loan can give you lower monthly payments and allow you to build more savings or pay current debts off.

It‘s important to first ask yourself the ever important question of why you want to refinance your student loan.  If you have a fixed rate Un-subsidized Stafford Loan, which is the most common type of federal loan for students, you need to be aware that interest rates for these loans have not changed.

Many refinancing options will switch you from a fixed rate loan to a variable rate loan.  This means that the monthly payments on your loan may be smaller when you first refinance but could increase significantly over time. A variable rate loan could end up putting you in a worse position down the road. View full post…

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