6 Scams Against the Elderly

6 Scams Against the Elderly

6 Scams the Elderly are Susceptible To

There are so many scams prevalent today, it’s difficult to keep up. From the innocent looking phishing e-mails to the brazen IRS impostors with their threats, the long list begins. All of them have one goal, and that is to trick you into giving them your personal information. Scams against the elderly are growing each year.

Many of the scams are directed at senior adults in one way or another. Downloading malware after clicking on an unknown link is one that many of the elderly fall prey to.

The main reason scammers target the elderly is a trust issue. Older adults will generally answer telephone calls from anyone and often pay a high price for that trait. Instead of tossing junk mail in the trash where it belongs, they open it and read View full post…

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3 Principles To Save Money for Retirement

3 Principles To Save Money for Retirement

Three Simple Principles That Will Help You Save Money for Retirement

If you’ve been thinking about your retirement, you might have this question on your mind – ‘How do I save money for retirement?’ You’ll often come across flashy advertisements and click-bait articles on the Internet that promise to teach you how you can save a million dollars in 6 steps.

But many of these self-proclaimed financial gurus are simply out for their own profit. Very often, they’re selling products, books, or subscription services that you don’t really need, claiming that they contain valuable insights when that’s not really the case. As a result, it’s very easy to become cynical and distrustful about online financial planning resources in general.

My advice is simple – do not trust any person who claims they’ll teach you exactly what you need to do to retire wealthy. That’s because financial stability and retirement are goals that can be achieved in any number of ways. It all comes down to 3 simple commonsense methods – View full post…

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How Much To Save for Retirement

How Much To Save for Retirement

How Much To Save for Retirement – What’s Your Magic Number?

This question has been asked so many times and there is no one simple answer. Well maybe there is if you say “as much as you can”. How much to save for retirement has so many variables it will make your head spin.

You can read opinions from many financial planners citing actuarial tables and formulas, but the bottom line is start saving for retirement as early as you can and save as much as you can.

According to statistics and studies made, Americans aren’t the best at socking away money for their retirement years. They go on to say that in excess of 80% of us have no idea on how much to save for retirement.

I guess if we knew how long we were going View full post…

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Retirement Savings

Retirement Savings Secrets Revealed

Start retirement savings as early as possibleThe title of this article says it all and is really the bottom line you need to strive for. Your goal is to find any unnecessary spending and cut back. We all have daily expenses that can be trimmed and added to our retirement savings which should be one of our top priorities.

One of the reasons that the “B” word or budget is so terrifying is that it’s associated with sacrifice.  This simply isn’t true…a budget is, and should be, a matter of choice.

Two primary choices to begin with – do you want to live it up today and not care about tomorrow? Or do you want to exercise good judgment and cut back a little today so that you will have a more comfortable retirement? I’d like to have both, but I’m not aware of any wealthy relatives that would sponsor me.

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Senior Citizens in Poverty

Senior Citizens in Poverty

Senior citizens in povertyHere’s an eye opening statistic for you – Prior to the creation of the Social Security System in the 1930’s, approximately 75% of senior citizens in America were living in poverty. This figure has been dramatically reduced today to just below 10%, thanks to employee pensions, Social Security and also retirement savings accounts.

But still, here in America today, many senior citizens with income levels just above the poverty level continue to have financial struggles well into their retirement.

Just as alarming are the results of a study that was done by Brandeis University. This revealed that 75% of senior citizen households in America are in a precarious position economically.

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How To Retire Early | Enjoy Life

Finally a Solution on How to Retire Early

Learn how to retire earlyRetiring at an early age is possible again, but the rules have changed somewhat. Have you figured out how to retire early, perhaps at age 55 or earlier? Quite a few Americans have.

More importantly, can you afford to leave the 9 to 5 routine when you want to? As you mull that question in your mind, you realize that some changes in your lifestyle, such as home downsizing may be required. However, the solution on how to retire early might not be difficult at all.

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How to Save For Retirement

How to Save For Retirement – 3 Common Sense Principles to Guide You

How to save for retirementHow to save for retirement? This question has been asked by everyone planning for retirement, and has become the “million dollar question” without a doubt. We’ve all seen the flashy ads that say “I’ll show you my 5 steps to retire with a million bucks in the bank”.  Many of these ads go on to say that you don’t have to be a banker on Wall Street to accomplish this, and that many middle class Americans do it every day.

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Ways To Save Money

7 Little-Known Factors That Will Affect Your Ways To Save Money

There are many ways to save moneyWe look for ways to save money, but one of the reasons why so many Americans fail in their dreams to attain wealth, is how to manage money. They have a desire to be financially secure, and to be able to retire in comfort. However, many of them make one or more of the following big money mistakes, and their dreams are shattered.

  1. A long term mortgage

The first place to look for ways to save money is at the terms of your mortgage. Countless Americans have no conception of what happens when they amortize their home purchase over a thirty (30) year period. When you stretch your payment out that long, you actually pay to the lender, two and a half times the original purchase price of your home.

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