Money Games for Kids – A Learning Tool

Fun Money Games for Kids

Money games for kidsThe best ways to engage kids in learning is to make it fun, and this is why money games for kids can be very successful. Kids are no different than adults.  They lose interest, their mind wanders, and they become sleepy when lectures are boring and without much interaction.  Many alternative schools have learned the value of the importance of child participation and making learning fun.  Even though education is serious business that does not mean it has to be boring and stuffy.

Boring and stuffy; that is how many people feel about money management.  What if you grew up learning about money in a fun way?  Then when you began to learn money management skills at an early age, dealing with money later on never became a boring chore.  This is how we should be teaching children.  Children should be excited about money so they grow up into adults excited about dealing with money.

This article is dedicated to fun money games for kids.  Kids can begin using money in counting games as early as 3 and 4 years old.  This starts them off early and gets them headed in the right direction.

Fun Money Games for Kids –ages 5-10

A glass jar game.  Have your child pick a toy they want and write down the cost of the toy next to their glass jar.  Tell them they will receive coins in exchange for small jobs. View full post…

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