6 Scams Against the Elderly

6 Scams Against the Elderly

6 Scams the Elderly are Susceptible To

There are so many scams prevalent today, it’s difficult to keep up. From the innocent looking phishing e-mails to the brazen IRS impostors with their threats, the long list begins. All of them have one goal, and that is to trick you into giving them your personal information. Scams against the elderly are growing each year.

Many of the scams are directed at senior adults in one way or another. Downloading malware after clicking on an unknown link is one that many of the elderly fall prey to.

The main reason scammers target the elderly is a trust issue. Older adults will generally answer telephone calls from anyone and often pay a high price for that trait. Instead of tossing junk mail in the trash where it belongs, they open it and read View full post…

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3 Financial Scams Against the Elderly Citizens

3 Financial Scams Against the Elderly Citizens

3 Financial Scams Against the Elderly To Be Aware Of

Criminal financial scams against the elderly continue to be prevalent despite repeated warnings by many agencies. As a rule, scammers have no morals, and are willing to take whatever they can from the elderly. Most seniors are too trusting and are willing to help those in need and scammers count on that and govern their scams accordingly.

There are three (3) common financial scams to avoid that we will discuss here that continue to be perpetrated against senior adults. Many others exist, but these three are the most prevalent. They are:

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10 Scams Perpetrated On Seniors – Part 2

Scams against the elderlyIn part 1 of these two posts of the most common types of scams perpetrated on seniors, we covered the Cemetery & Funeral Scam, Counterfeit Prescription Drugs, Fake Anti-Aging Products, Healthcare Fraud, Medicare Fraud, and the old Pigeon Drop Scam. In Part 2, we are listing 5 additional scams that are among the more popular ones. These 10 scams mentioned here are by no means all inclusive, as these unscrupulous individuals create more as situations change.

      6. The Fake Accident

This one is fairly much self explanatory, and is similar to the Grandparent scam. An elderly individual is contacted, usually by telephone, and is told that one of her children or a grandchild has been View full post…

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