6 Tips to File a Tax Return for a Decedent

6 Tips to File a Tax Return for a Decedent

File a Tax Return for a Deceased Individual – 6 Tips

We’ve all heard that saying, “the only things that are certain in life are death and taxes.” When a person dies, it doesn’t relieve them of the responsibility to pay any taxes that may be due for the time they were alive.

It may be a spouse, dependent, or a parent that had earned and/or investment income that must be reported to the IRS and the respective state taxing agency. Someone needs to file a tax return and pay any taxes that are due.

Some final returns are very simple like when a deceased person may have worked one job, and had only 1 W-2 form. Many other returns can get complicated very quickly, and we always recommend that you get help from an experienced View full post…

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