Why Do You Need Personal Budget Software?

4 Concepts Of A Personal Budget Software Program That You Need

Personal budget softwareWe mentioned a personal budget software program in our previous post that we recommend to our clients. The program is not only inexpensive, but the name really says it all…You Need A Budget. The developer of the program could not have found a better name for it, because the truth of the matter is, we all need a budget.

There are some individuals who shudder at the idea of creating a budget, and then to live within the terms of the budget, is just too much to deal with. However, you can look just about anywhere in the world today and see that the day of reckoning has arrived. For many, many years, every country, including the USA, has spent foolishly and recklessly. If the cash wasn’t there, it didn’t matter, just borrow and worry about paying it back at a later date. Well the later date is here and countries and individuals are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. 

This personal budget software program, YNAB for short, was developed with a four point philosophy as its basic rules for creating a budget. The four points in this concept are:

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