Smart Financial Decisions

Smart Financial Decisions

3 Common Sense Tips to Help You Make Smart Financial Decisions

It’s no secret making the right choices with your money can pay off big time. The financial tips we offer will hopefully make it a little easier for you. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your financial decisions are, it will have an impact on your life.

If we were able to make the right choices all of the time, we’d be well on our way to earning a high credit score, and building wealth. Most of us though, are unable View full post…

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10 Safe Tips to Get Out of Debt

10 Safe Tips to Get Out of Debt

10 Tips to Get Out of Debt and Keep You Out 

Whether you want to get out of debt or want to avoid it, what matters is you’re inspired to be better. But how do you start? Well, I’m here to help you with that! Today I bring you 10 tips that will help you get out of debt and keep it that way. If you make life habits out of these tips, you will never have to deal with the headache and stress of debt ever again.

  1. Check Your Statements Regularly

If you want to get out of debt, you need to start paying attention to detail. You won’t notice things such as a recurring fee on your credit card bill for that gym you don’t go to anymore if you don’t check your statement regularly. If you monitor your personal finances like a hawk, you won’t ignore View full post…

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Tax Planning for 2017

Make These Moves Now For 2017 Tax Planning

Proper tax planning is essentialSo far this year, it hasn’t been a very good one for proper tax planning by investors, and it’s doubtful if we will see any positive changes by the end of the year. China has been struggling with their economic slowdown and declining oil prices have hit us as well. Couple that with the US economy that is still floundering about because of inept policies from the current administration, and it’s no wonder investment portfolios have been hammered.

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Financial Planning for Millennials

Affordable Financial Planning for Millennials

Financial planning for millennialsA recent study was done by a major financial institution on the millennial generation and their money. One of the major revelations was that approximately eighty percent of these individuals that participated in the survey, stated that they learned how to survive and save after seeing how the great recession impacted their elders. Financial planning for millennials didn’t appear to be that important.

However, almost half admitted that their greatest financial concern was debt, and because of the high debt, they were living paycheck to paycheck. View full post…

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How To Manage Money After Marriage

How to Manage Money after Marriage

When you say “for better or for worse” you never envision that the “for worse” could mean financial woes.  If you have debt, it is best to clear it up before marriage.  Learning how to manage money will prevent you both from repeating the same past financial mistakes and will also ensure that you are both on the same spending and saving page.

How to manage moneyGreat communication and great financial planning are important pieces that can help to ensure a long and happy marriage.  Money problems are one of the biggest stresses in any marriage.  Learning how to manage money as a couple, setting solid goals, and sticking to these goals provides a great foundation for a new or existing marriage.

Here are some important tips in working out your financial goals with your spouse.

Compare your assets, your debts, and your net worth.  Work together to get all the income and debts organized.  Get together paychecks and other sources of income, tax deductions, savings, and other investments accounts. Compare all your debts to your income. View full post…

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Personal Finance Software – Do I Need It

Personal Finance Software – Do I Really Need It?

Personal finance softwareAre you one of the many Americans that are trying to find a better way to manage money? If so, personal finance software may be your answer. Do you ever wonder where your hard earned money goes? Same answer. Are you one of many that has more month left at the end of your money instead of more money left over at the end of the month?

Well, there is a fairly simple solution to your problem, at least in being able to track your spending and budget your money properly. We all hear from those individuals who create an exotic spreadsheet in Excel and claim that is all anyone needs. That may be true for a few individuals, but for the majority, a good personal finance software program is a much better solution.

For some individuals, it may take a little longer to get the personal finance software program setup, but let me emphasize, it most certainly is worth it. The first thing that you will do is create a budget of your income and expense categories.

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Create A Monthly Budget

Create A Monthly Budget – How Can I do That?

Create a monthly budget

34326645 – portrait of a happy woman buying online with a smart phone outdoors

There’s one word that makes many individuals shake with fear…the “B” word, or budget. Many have the misconception that if you create a monthly budget, it will tie up your money in some way and you won’t have use of it.

Of course, that’s not the case at all; the budget enables us to see where our money is going. More importantly, a well-planned budget will let you get a handle on your spending so that you will know just where and how your money is spent. You’ll know how much is going for rent or mortgage, utilities, groceries, and also lunches and entertainment.

If you create a monthly budget, you’ll have a plan where you can set financial goals for your life and you’ll have the ability to see where you stand at any point in time. Besides allocating funds for the regular bills, you’ll also set up accounts for savings, investments, future purchases, as well as college for the children.

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