Free Federal Tax Filing | Fast Refunds

Free Federal Tax Filing – Want to See If You Qualify?

Free federal tax filing is available hereHave you ever found free federal tax filing? Many feel that it’s bad enough having to pay taxes, but when you are charged a high fee to get your return prepared, well it’s just adding insult to injury.

There’s probably a lot of truth in that comment, most of it frustration caused by the complex tax code that even some tax preparers don’t understand. Way back, when the tax code was first introduced, and all of the special interests hadn’t stuck their greedy fingers in, preparing your tax return was quite simple. It can be compared to some of the flat tax proposals we all have been hearing about.

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Free Online Tax Preparation

Free Online Tax Preparation – See If You Qualify

Free online tax preparationMany individuals who would otherwise qualify for free online tax preparation, are still bringing their tax information to their local accountant. Usually, this is because they have significant apprehension and are intimidated by the entire tax filing process.

As an example, on our website, if your income falls into the amount specified by the Internal Revenue Service to qualify for a Form 1040EZ, your federal return is FREE.

There’s absolutely no reason to take that type of tax return to an accountant to prepare, and then pay a much higher fee, as compared to the online tax filing fee for your state return.

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Tax Form 1040

See How We Demystify the Tax Form 1040 for You

Tax form 1040 is simpleHave you given any thought as to what tax form 1040 you’ll be filing this year? Each year a lot of taxpayers have that question and try to figure out the best way to file their income taxes.

Quite a few still take their records to a CPA even though they end up filing a standard deduction return. Don’t waste your hard earned money by doing your taxes this way.

Some others stop by the nearest office supply store and buy a tax preparation software program, and get their tax returns filed. In the back of their mind however, they wonder if the tax program calculated all of the tax credits and other deductions that they were eligible for.

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File Taxes Online | Free Federal 1040EZ

File Taxes Online and Save Money | Fast Refunds at Low Cost

File taxes online and saveThere are those who perhaps aren’t too comfortable with a computer, who may be a little apprehensive when they file taxes online for the first time. However, when they actually try it and see how user friendly it can be, they don’t have a problem with it.

When filing taxes online, the software program will literally take you by the hand and lead you through the process. All you need to do is read the questions and answer them accordingly.

As an example, if you had a rental property to report, the simple questions will get the income and various expenses from you. Then it will ask you when you bought the property and what you paid for it and basically set up the depreciation section for you.

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Tax Planning Strategies for 2016 – Don’t Delay

Don’t Delay – Begin Tax Planning for Next Year’s Taxes Now

Tax planning is very importantI know, I can hear you saying “But I just finished filing my 2015 taxes, isn’t this a bit early?” Our response is No, it isn’t. All too often, we tend to put the dreaded topic of taxes off until the last minute, then it’s too late. None of us want any unpleasant surprises when we file our 2016 tax returns and that is why tax planning is so important.

The best time to get organized is now when we are more able to find current tax records. We’re going to give you five useful tips that will help you to get a leg up on your 2016 taxes. Tax planning software is also available to save you time.

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Charitable Contributions – Charitable Organizations

Charitable Contributions – Six Facts You Need To Be Aware Of

You can deduct charitable contributions when you itemize deductionsRemember the bygone days when you went to your tax preparer, or perhaps in doing your own return, and you pulled a number out of the air for charitable contributions? Your preparer would ask you how much you gave and you rolled your eyes and said, well, I usually give $10.00 in cash every week for 50 weeks, or perhaps some other embellished number. The preparer wrote it down and that was it. Folks, those days are over! The IRS has focused their attention to this area and has some rather strict guidelines that must be followed…or else.

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Online Tax Filing – Is It Right for Me?

Finally a Solution to the Question – Is Online Tax Filing Really For Me?

Online tax filing is fast and easyIs there anything special that I have to do for online tax filing? I will have itemized deductions and also a small rental property this year. Can I still do my own taxes by filing my taxes online?

Many individuals have these very same questions and think that they have to take their taxes to a CPA. The plain and simple answer is YES – you can do your own taxes, even with the itemized deductions and the rental property.

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Filing Taxes Online Tips | Fast Refunds

The Zen of Filing Taxes Online

File taxes online and saveFor those who want to file taxes online, the Internal Revenue Service has announced that the proposed official opening date is January 20, 2017 for filing taxes online. This will be the first day that you can file your 2016 tax return.

If you normally receive a refund, this will be good news for you. In previous years, the opening date was delayed for a variety of reasons, but none of the prior year problems are evident for this year.

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Online Tax Filing Free | File Taxes Now

Everything You Need to Know About Online Tax Filing Free

Try our online tax filing freeChances are that your tax return isn’t all that difficult, and yet you still take it to a CPA to be prepared. You probably have heard about online tax filing free, but may think that it’s too difficult, or maybe you’re concerned that you may miss some deduction.

You don’t have to be concerned at all because out online tax program is so intutive, it will ask you all the right questions.

Well, we have good news for you. Online tax filing free is actually quite simple and you don’t need to be concerned about missing deductions or even tax credits that you may qualify for.

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Free Online Tax Filing | See If You Qualify

Limited Offer – Free Online Tax Filing

Try our free online tax filingI can just hear some of you saying “There is no free lunch” let alone free tax filing, but there actually is – free online tax filing, that is, if you meet certain conditions.

Most of us feel that paying or over paying on income taxes is bad enough, and then we get hit by a high fee from our tax preparer. It just creates more frustration knowing that our tax code does not have to be so complex.

It’s so bad now that even a lot of tax preparers don’t fully understand it. The primary reasons for the current confusion and complexity are politicians and other special interest groups with enough financial backing to buy their lawmaker’s votes.

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