The Secret Shopper Scam

Just When You Thought You Heard About Every Scam – Enter The Secret Shopper Scam

The secret shopper scam is out nowI call this one the “secret shopper scam”. Stores hire individuals to pose as a shopper to test employees knowledge of certain products or services, and also to see how a particular service is functioning.

It didn’t take long for scammers to figure out this could be a very profitable con. They simply revived a similar scam and adapted it to the secret shopper. The Federal Trade Commission has picked up on this and has reported a number of cases it is aware of lately.

This particular con begins in a very subtle way. You pick up your mail and find an important looking envelope, and when you open it, you see a check for several thousand dollars payable to you. A letter of instructions is enclosed and it states that you are being offered a job as a secret shopper.

It goes on to say that after you make just one trip to View full post…

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