Is Your Federal Pell Grant Tax Free?

3 Ways My Scholarship or Federal Pell Grant is Tax Free

Apply for the federal pell grantIf you’re entering college and have just been awarded a scholarship or perhaps a federal Pell grant, congratulations are in order. This will certainly help to defray the high cost of college and its great news. However, you need to find out if any part of it is classified as income. If so, it must be reported on your tax return. There are various criteria that will tell you if the federal Pell grant or scholarship is taxable income.

When is a federal Pell Grant or a scholarship tax free?

    • You are registered as a full time or a part time student pursuing a degree at an accredited primary or secondary or a post-secondary institution.

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How To Manage Money – Why Your Child Must Learn This

The Shocking Truth about Your Child’s Education on How to Manage Money

How to manage moneyNow, more than ever, every parent must come to the realization that our children must be taught early how to manage money. You don’t have to look far to see not only individuals having financial problems, but countries as well. I think that we all will agree that money management is important, but what are we doing about it?

Those of you that have children in grade school know that children are not learning about the different ways to save money as a part of their curriculum. As a matter of fact, I’ve spoken with parents of high school graduates who have stated that their child did not have any training in money management throughout the four years of high school either.

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