Money Management Discussions | Achieve Financial Intimacy

Money Management Discussions | Achieve Financial Intimacy

Spouses Can Achieve Financial Intimacy With Effective Communication in Discussing Money Management

Take a wild guess and tell me what you think one of the leading causes of divorce is today. If you said money management, or better yet, the lack of money, you would be on the right track. Let’s take it one more step further and say this. One of the primary issues that brings a couple to a divorce lawyer, is the lack of communication in discussing finances.

You can do a search on the internet or even your public library, and you’ll find countless books that have been written on this topic. Each book may have a different strategy for overcoming the problem, but eventually they all have the same bottom line… “In order to overcome this serious marital problem, the topic of discussing finances must be done in a constructive and healthy manner by a couple.”

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