Your Family Budget – This Will Kill It

The New Killer of the Family Budget

This will kill the family budgetSo you agree that your family budget is really being stretched or maybe it’s already snapped. This may not come as a surprise to many individuals, but the newest killer of the family budget is the monthly cell phone bill. When I first realized this, I found it hard to believe. But after much research, and talking with friends, I discovered that this was true.

The cell phone bill(s) has now become number 2 in size, right after the mortgage payment. That fact blows my mind. What is so important that needs to be said, that justifies cell phone usage of this magnitude?

I just heard of one young lady who paid her final telephone bill, and for the year, the twelve bills total $4,105.00. To make matters worse, she earns a little over $30,000.00 per year, and doesn’t use her cell for business. Fourteen (14%) of her salary was spent on her cell phone, and now she wonders why her credit card bills are so high and the family budget strained.

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