Alarming Student Loan Crisis

The Student Loan Crisis is Worse than We Realize

Student loan crisisRecent publicity comparing the increase in student loan debt to credit card and auto loan debt indicates how serious the problem really is. In 2017, outstanding student loan debt passed the $1.31 trillion dollar figure. That and the following facts and statistics will tell anyone that we have a student loan crisis.

The figures are bad enough, but how does all of that debt affect the students who must borrow to get a college education?

Over the past twenty years, approximately fifty percent of students who graduated with a bachelor’s degree, saw a tremendous increase in student loans. As an example, in 1994 the average student loan debt was slightly more than $10,000.00.

In 2017, the average more than tripled to $37,172.00. Does the word View full post…

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Average Student Loan Debt

The Average Student Loan Debt & Why It’s So High

Average student loan debt is climbing

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With college tuition and other costs rising so rapidly, it’s no surprise that the average student loan debt is also at an all-time high. Unfortunately, very few students are able to attend college and receive a degree without some form of financial assistance. Those who are able to receive scholarships and grants are well aware that they seldom cover the full cost of tuition.

Because of this, many students must apply for student loans to be able to complete their education. In certain career fields, the tuition cost is very high which tends to make the average student loan debt rise appreciably. View full post…

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