Tax Filing Delay Again

Another Delay In Tax Filing & Getting Your Refund? Sure Looks Like It

Delay in tax filing againOnce again, there may be a delay in the beginning of tax filing, this time for the 2013 tax season. The IRS has stated that the reason for this delay is because Congress has not approved another patch for the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). If new legislation isn’t passed to correct this, taxpayers may experience significant delays, because of the time required by the IRS to have their computers reprogrammed.

The Acting Commissioner of the IRS, Steven Miller, sent a letter to Representative Sander Levin, a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, in response to requests made by certain representatives. They wanted to know what the IRS was doing in their View full post…

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Save Your Home Budget By Heading Off Taxmageddon

5 Ways to Head Off Taxmageddon & Save Your Home Budget

Save your home budgetOne of the new buzzwords, “fiscal cliff”, has generated yet another buzzword, and this one is called “taxmageddon”.  We’re not too sure who thinks these words up, but they all refer to and describe the consequences that will occur if the Bush era tax cuts that will expire on December 31, 2012, are not extended. This could have an adverse effect on your home budget.

Many economists and tax experts are saying that if Congress and the President don’t act, all Americans can expect to see a rise in their tax bill in 2013. Thus far, from where I sit, Congress and the President have been “acting”, just not in a very responsible way. Each has their own View full post…

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