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4 Ways to Keep Student Loans from Taking Control of Your Life

Don't let student loans control your lifePinCollege tuition is already ascending towards record setting levels, but as reported in the latest survey from Credit Sesame, Millennials are not looking for other routes, demonstrating the future pay back is definitely worth the price tag.

In other words, even though the cost of post-secondary school continues to rise substantially, the general view of Millennials has long been optimistic in regards to furthering their education after high school. The results showcase that the new age group of students carries a brighter perspective concerning just how useful a post-secondary college degree is going to be while career scouting.

The findings are summarized and listed below about what we found after the analyzing the results:

  • Budget is Key: More than 10% of Millennial parents made over $150,000 annually in earnings, in comparison with the 3-4% of Gen-X families who sit within the spectrum. In the next set, 25% of Millennial families earned $110,000 a year, as compared with just 4% for Gen-X. Going down to the lower brackets we find the same type of result, in which over 1/3 of Gen-X families are making less than $32,000 a year, in comparison with only 16% of Millennials’ parents.
  • The Cost: Over 25% of Millennials decided on a college in which the tuition was $25k or higher, compared to only 6% of Gen-X. By contrast, half of Gen-X paid less than $10k per year for school, while only 27% of Millennials spent under $10k.
  • Learn & Earn: The main distinction when it comes to Millennials versus Gen-X is with how much more scrutiny the Millennials are choosing the majors they apply for at the schools they enroll in. As outlined by our stats 33% of Millennials asserted that his or her salary upon graduation and moving forward within their professions was the most important factor in deciding on their majors, as compared to merely 14% of Gen-X with the same belief.
  • How Do You Really Feel About That?: When asked if college is worth the price tag, 76% of Millennials said yes, although only 68% of Gen-X were in the same mindset.

Edvisors says the class of 2015 is among the most indebted class in US history, and yet Millennials carry on to defend higher education. It seems sensible, considering that “Americans with 4 year college degrees earned 98 percent more an hour on average in 2013 than people without a degree,” in accordance with a study of Labor Department statistics by the Economic Policy Institute. But that doesn’t make the student debt any less challenging.

The silver lining is that you do not have to allow student loans to be the deciding factor in how you live your life. It is possible to gain control of your debt and this is how you are able to take action:

  • The Advisor – Get hold of personal evaluation and payment solutions from businesses like Credit Sesame
  • Keep in Mind: Interest Levels – By paying more than your monthly minimum amount whenever feasible you can decrease the interest you’ll have to shell out. It might seem like a common sense suggestion, but it is rarely done with extra income, which usually ends up in leisure expenses
  • Consultation – If you’re having trouble trying to pay back those student loans, one of the best alternatives would be to consult with your lender to find out if it is possible to either defer or minimize some of the payments

We need to keep in mind that the significance of the college degree brought way less value to Gen-X. The price tag reflected that importance by being considerably more affordable. [bctt tweet=”Today, Millennials are selecting degrees that may deliver higher salaries” username=”HBSMoneyTips”] and that are normally sought after from employers, not only in present time but also long term as well. Although, for the majority of students, loans are incredibly widespread and graduating college with a huge sum of debt is a lot more common, that doesn’t mean it’s going to continue to be so for a long time. There are numerous accessible alternatives that could guide you on a custom-made plan to commence repaying that debt within a significantly shorter period.



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