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Finally a Solution to Online Tax Preparation That Makes Sense

Now that you’ve decided to take advantage of the online tax preparation method of filing your income tax return, you need to select one of the tax vendors from the many listed in the search results.

You really need to select the one that will best supply your needs, and this will involve some research on your part. This guide may be of help to you as well. We’re assuming that you haven’t filed a tax return online before, so you may not be 100% certain on the services that you may need.

There are various factors to consider, as well as tax documents you need to have in hand before you start to look for an online tax filing service. Get all of your tax documents together such as W-2’s, 1099’s, and any other information that was sent to you.

If you’re not buying a home and don’t have very high contributions, you’ll more than likely be filing a standard return. These questions will be asked to you as well when you decide on a tax vendor. If you’ve a sideline gig and were sent a Form 1099-Misc, you may be completing a Schedule C business form. If the gig is showing a profit, then self-employment taxes will be due. These types of questions will determine the type of online tax preparation return you will file and the complexity of it.

Need more forms? No problem and no extra charge

You need to be made aware that many tax vendors base their changes on the complexity of your return, such as number of business or rental schedules. It’s not unusual to see a column for a free return, and two or four more based on number of forms, and higher prices for each.

If you’re interested in telephone support, expect to pay extra for that service with some vendors. Most of the online tax preparation providers offer email support, but again, it can be rather slow. On our site at HBS Financial Group, Ltd., we offer free email support and also free chat during business hours with prompt response.

It doesn’t matter too much on the online tax vendor as to having live support. Most taxpayers never have to ask tech support a question, but again, when you’re stuck and need help, it becomes paramount.

By the time you’re ready to complete your tax return, you will have made a list of the sites that interest you and the cost, including state returns where the cost can vary substantially. Most of the tax vendors will allow you to try test returns to see if the program is right for you.

No extra charge for e-filing at HBS Financial Group, Ltd.

One of the most important features of any online tax preparation program is the ability to e-file the tax returns to the IRS and your resident state, at no extra charge. When e-filing was still in its infancy, some tax vendors added an extra charge to e-file your returns, but today you don’t see that much.

Checking this feature is also something that you need to do and you should never assume that it’s free.

E-filing your tax returns means that you can have your refunds in as little as 10 days if you use the direct deposit feature to your bank account. It makes more sense to do this as a check in the mail can be delayed and sometimes lost.

The safest and quickest way to get your refunds is by e-filing with direct deposit. It sure beats the snail mail method.

Selecting the right online tax preparation vendor for your particular situation is the hardest part of filing your taxes online. There are so many choices you will probably feel like flipping a coin, but don’t do that.

If you use our web site at HBS Financial Group, Ltd. for your online tax preparation, this is what you will receive. A flat rate of $25 no matter how complex or number of schedules you need. This low flat fee includes your federal and resident state return, and also e-filing of both returns to the appropriate taxing jurisdictions.

Why not take advantage of this fantastic offer now by giving our program a free trial run?  Prepare your return right down to the review process and if you like it, and our low flat fee, pay for it and e-file. We have one of the best online tax filing programs available. Online Tax Preparation Made Easy

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