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Online Tax Preparation – It’s Easy if You Do It Smart

Online tax preparation is fast and easyTax season is fast approaching and many taxpayers should be aware of the various online tax preparation services that are available for them to file their tax returns.

Many still take their tax records to a tax preparer, even though they don’t have a difficult return. They end up paying a high preparation fee to the tax preparer as well. Plus, they actually make two trips to the preparer, one to deliver their information and the other to pick up their return and pay the preparation fee.

Filing taxes online has many benefits in addition to the savings in tax preparation fees. Each year, millions of individuals file their taxes online by purchasing a software program or by using one of the many online tax preparation websites that are available at low cost.

Many software vendors that sell their tax software programs offer some version of free tax filing for a federal return. Many also don’t charge for e-filing the returns either. Each year, more and more taxpayers are filing their returns electronically.

[bctt tweet=”When a tax return is filed electronically, it’s faster and safer.” username=”HBSMoneyTips”] Also, when the return arrives at the IRS and state, it’s immediately checked for correct names, SSN’s, and a few other inquiries, such as mathematical errors.

Our online tax preparation website at offers a free version for filing your federal return. Those taxpayers that file a 1040EZ type return with gross income below $100,000.00 and meet a few of the IRS guidelines, can file a free federal return.

There is only a small charge for filing the state return. And of course, there is never a charge for electronic filing.

Why not give our online website a try? You can input all of your financial information and then have the program calculate your return. You can then review it to see if you are due a refund or perhaps have a balance due.

You’ll find that our online tax program is highly intuitive. Just by answering a few questions, the program automatically knows what tax forms are required to complete your return. Based on your filing status, information that you input, and your answers to the questions, this amazing program will make sure that you receive any and all tax credits that you qualify for.

In addition, it makes sure that you get any deductions that you’re entitled to. It also completes your tax return for you. How’s that for smart?

Now comes the good part. Your return was completed and presented to you for review. You find no errors or omissions, and now you’re almost ready to e-file. You enter your bank information so that your refunds will be directly deposited to your savings account. You click the link to e-file your returns.

The next day you are notified that the IRS and your resident state have accepted the returns as filed and are being processed. In about ten days, you check your bank savings account and see that both the federal and state refunds were credited. Wow, that was fast and easy.

The above scenario could be you filing your returns at our online tax preparation website, receiving refunds in a matter of days. Why not take advantage of the e-filing benefits for fast and easy refunds?

This link will take you to the best online tax filing around. See for yourself.

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