Online Tax Filing – Is It Right for Me?

Finally a Solution to the Question – Is Online Tax Filing Really For Me?

Online tax filing is fast and easyIs there anything special that I have to do for online tax filing? I will have itemized deductions and also a small rental property this year. Can I still do my own taxes by filing my taxes online?

Many individuals have these very same questions and think that they have to take their taxes to a CPA. The plain and simple answer is YES – you can do your own taxes, even with the itemized deductions and the rental property.

And we can guarantee that you won’t be paying a high fee for tax preparation either. The highest fee on our preparation program is $49.95 plus a small fee for the state.

If this is your first time doing your own taxes, you’ll be amazed at how easy and fast online tax filing really is. It is an awesome and hassle free way to prepare your taxes.

Why should I file taxes online?

Our tax preparation software is so well designed and intuitive, that filing taxes online is now the norm for doing your taxes. It makes no sense to travel to an accountant to have your taxes prepared unless you have a really complicated return. [bctt tweet=”It’s now so easy to file your taxes online. Use our site for 100% accuracy and also low fees. See for yourself by giving a free try.” username=”HBSMoneyTips”]

Our amazing software program will ask you simple interview questions and will guide you through the entire process. Your answers to the questions will produce the tax forms that are needed for your return.

All you need will be your W-2, bank interest, mortgage statement, and other forms sent to you. Once you enter the information from your tax forms into identical forms in the software program, you’re just about done.

The program calculates your return and you can be sure it’s accurate. Furthermore, you can be assured that you receive all tax credits and deductions that you are eligible for based on your filing status.

As you go through the program, you’ll always find help available should you have a question about some entry.

You will discover that online tax filing really makes your life a lot easier. When you have your information entered and reviewed, you’re ready to file the return.

There’s no more snail mailing a paper return to the IRS and your state. Clicking one button will e-file your completed tax return instantly to the IRS and all states that you may be required to file with. Did we mention that the e-filing is free?

If your return has a refund due, you can accept the option to have it deposited directly into a checking or savings account which will speed up receipt of the money due to you.

Even if you happen to owe money on your return, it can still be e-filed and you can select the day for the IRS and/or state to take the money from your account. Of course, if you don’t want that option, you can always mail a check to the IRS. Once the return is e-filed, you can print a copy of the return for your file.

What’s the bottom line with online tax filing?

Well, to begin with, if you have a fairly simple return, such as a 1040EZ, there is no charge to prepare the federal return. A small fee is charged to file the state return.

By far, filing your taxes online is the easiest and most efficient way to file your personal taxes. Plus, it is all accomplished from the security and comfort of your home.

The bottom line is that online tax preparation is simply the easiest and quickest way to file your taxes. Our program makes sure that it is also the most affordable online tax filing solution for you.

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