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Everything You Need to Know About Online Tax Filing Free

Try our online tax filing freePinChances are that your tax return isn’t all that difficult, and yet you still take it to a CPA to be prepared. You probably have heard about online tax filing free, but may think that it’s too difficult, or maybe you’re concerned that you may miss some deduction.

You don’t have to be concerned at all because out online tax program is so intutive, it will ask you all the right questions.

Well, we have good news for you. Online tax filing free is actually quite simple and you don’t need to be concerned about missing deductions or even tax credits that you may qualify for.

The online tax preparation software that we use was developed by a large national tax software vendor who develops tax preparation software for CPA’s and accounting firms across the USA. As a matter of fact, your CPA may very well be using the same program.

[bctt tweet=”The primary reasons for filing your taxes online is that it’s very fast, quite easy,” username=”HBSMoneyTips”] and is guaranteed to be accurate.

Choosing to take advantage of online tax filing free is as simple as it could be. Once you access the internet, you simply click on this link that will take you directly to our online tax filing program with You can bookmark their site for future access.

Don’t be concerned about completing your tax return in one sitting – once you setup a username and password, you can enter the program 24/7 from the safety and convenience of your home computer. As a matter of fact, you can setup your account and test the program as often and as long as you like with no obligation.

One of the first things that you will see are the screens to enter your name and address and some very basic information. Our intuitive online tax filing program will ask you simple interview questions, and based on your answers, will bring up the screens to complete the required tax forms.

You’re free to review the forms as you go along if you like, just to get a feel for the easy process. There won’t be any paper tax forms to deal with plus you will be assured that every tax form that is required for your return will be automatically completed for you. No question about it – online tax filing is the best way to prepare your tax return.

As you answer the simple interview questions, you’ll be able to see what information is needed to get every tax deduction that you are entitled to. For example, if you are buying your home and will be itemizing deductions, the program will ask you to enter the amounts for real estate taxes and mortgage interest.

You simply enter the information from the forms that you got from your mortgage lender and that’s it. Truly, online tax filing free is so easy, anyone can do it.

If for some reason, you receive some of your tax forms late in the season, you’ll not have to wait to see a CPA. You can enter the information the evening of April 15, if you have to, or you can even file for an extension yourself.

You have a refund due and you want it fast? Just e-file your return from the online tax filing program and request direct deposit to your bank account. About ten days later, there it is.

If instead of a refund, you have a tax balance due, that can also be paid by a direct debit to your deposit account. Really, you’re provided with everything we can think of to file a timely and guaranteed accurate tax return.

You can also be assured that your tax return was prepared based on current IRS regulations. Our online tax filing program is updated automatically as soon as any changes are made by the IRS. There are so many advantages in online tax filing such as:

  • No need to travel to your CPA
  • No need to travel to a store if you were buying a tax program
  • No need to leave the comfort of your home to file your taxes
  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Receive all deductions
  • Receive all tax credits that you are entitled to

We encourage you to take our intuitive program for a test drive with no obligation of any kind. Then when you see just how easy it is, take advantage of online tax filing free and receive your refunds quickly. For many, we offer Free online tax filing for your federal return if your income falls within certain IRS guidelines. For all others, you’ll see our very low fees to file your taxes online. Give it a try, you’ll be glad that you did.

Online Tax Filing Free | File Taxes NowPin

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