Money Games for Kids – A Learning Tool

Fun Money Games for Kids

Money games for kidsThe best ways to engage kids in learning is to make it fun, and this is why money games for kids can be very successful. Kids are no different than adults.  They lose interest, their mind wanders, and they become sleepy when lectures are boring and without much interaction.  Many alternative schools have learned the value of the importance of child participation and making learning fun.  Even though education is serious business that does not mean it has to be boring and stuffy.

Boring and stuffy; that is how many people feel about money management.  What if you grew up learning about money in a fun way?  Then when you began to learn money management skills at an early age, dealing with money later on never became a boring chore.  This is how we should be teaching children.  Children should be excited about money so they grow up into adults excited about dealing with money.

This article is dedicated to fun money games for kids.  Kids can begin using money in counting games as early as 3 and 4 years old.  This starts them off early and gets them headed in the right direction.

Fun Money Games for Kids –ages 5-10

A glass jar game.  Have your child pick a toy they want and write down the cost of the toy next to their glass jar.  Tell them they will receive coins in exchange for small jobs.

They can pick up sticks for 1 penny per stick.  They can help with the laundry for 25 cents.  Also tell them that whatever change they find in or out of the house they can add to their jar.  Have them write down each time they make a deposit.  Help them total their earnings periodically so they can see how close to their goal they are.  When they reach their goal, have them take their money jar to the store and pay for their toy.

A trip to the store.  Plan a day when you only need a couple items and can spend some time going to a few different stores.  You will need plenty of quarters and $1 bills.  Say you need milk.  Go to the grocery store and pick up a gallon of milk.  Ask your child to look at the price of the milk and be thinking how many $1 bills and quarters it will take to purchase the milk. They have to use a mix of bills and coins.  When you check out, have your child handle the money.  Only pick up one item from each store.  Go to the next store and pick up a bag of apples.  Repeat the steps above.

Playing with money.  Print pictures of fun money off on your computer.  Have your child cut them out.  Give them a certain amount of play money to spend on snacks.  Make a list of food that your child eats and set a price for each item.  Make healthy food inexpensive while foods like ice cream, soda, and chips are more expensive.  Have them turn in their money whenever they want to snack.

Give a reward at the end of the week for money they have left over.  The play money can be turned in for some real money or any other small reward you want.  This type of play will not only teach your child to be cautious with spending, but will have them pick healthier food choices.

Planning for the future.  Have a list of questions for your child to answer and then figure out the monthly cost of their future lifestyle.

When you are older do you want to live in an apartment or a house?  How many bedrooms? What utilities will you have?

How are you going to get around?  Bike, new car, or used car?  (Include monthly payment, gas, and insurance.)

How many times will you eat out in a restaurant? (Also include groceries.)

What about monthly entertainment?  Will you buy magazines or watch movies?

Head to the computer and help your child figure out the cost of his or her lifestyle.  Once you have a monthly cost, help them figure out how much money they need to make and what type of jobs they can do to earn that money.  If they want something different, they can make other lifestyle choices.  This will help them make goals for the future.

There are several online fun money games for kids.  Online games are fun in our digital era, but it is my belief that kids still need real world, tactile activities involving money.

Go ahead and comment below and tell me about some of your favorite fun money games for kids.

Children truly are our future and we need to show them how to lead the way and be financially responsible.  It all begins with the fun ways we teach kids about money.

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13 responses to “Money Games for Kids – A Learning Tool”

  1. Avatar of Mike Huiwitz Mike Huiwitz says:

    That’s why I intend to teach my kids about budgeting and saving. Then investing when they’re of age.

  2. Avatar of Len Bowcott Len Bowcott says:

    This is a great post. Too few parents are instilling an appreciation as to the importance of money into their kids now a days. The result is that the majority of adolescents are consumers without the ability to analyze needs, and who feel entitled to everything they want so go into debt buying it. They graduated and venture forth into a world with limited employment opportunities and a constantly devaluing currency causing their cost of living to rise. Now they can not understand why they’re failures when always the got every they wanted.

  3. Avatar of Ruth B. Ruth B. says:

    I couldn’t agree more. If you make it fun, kids are more likely to pay attention and soak up the information. 🙂

    • Avatar of Gust Lenglet Gust Lenglet says:

      Yes, the best way to teach children is to make it into a fun game. It keeps their attention & they do learn this important concept.

  4. Avatar of jon terns jon terns says:

    These are some really good ideas! I was searching for an app for this as well as it seems that today’s kids learn more from apps than hands on. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

  5. Avatar of winstonm winstonm says:

    This is great advice, as a parent of a 4 year old its time to start teaching him the value of money. I really like the change jar idea, may start with a small jar and work our way up to a larger jar..may have to add money at the register but he will be proud to have used his own money!

  6. Avatar of kafreena kafreena says:

    Sounds good. Kids like to count money and I usually give them some coins & say to them count it.
    It increases their learning for them.
    Thanks Gust.

  7. Avatar of Isabel Kroemerau Isabel Kroemerau says:

    I intend to buy this toy for Christmas. It will help Children to count money even at young age. Also develop their cognitive skills as well as managing money and start saving money at young age. A good toy to recommend!

  8. Avatar of Torri Kruel Torri Kruel says:

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  9. Avatar of witch movies witch movies says:

    I think the most important thing parents should teach their children is how to create a realistic budget and stick to it. If you live by a budget, you’ll be able to avoid situations when you run out of money before the next paycheck comes in.

  10. Avatar of Nelson Shestak Nelson Shestak says:

    Making your kid wise during games is a great idea . These kind games really help them to improve their thinking and planning . They can learn decision making and planning by games .

  11. Avatar of Nelson Shestak Nelson Shestak says:

    These kinds are so much popular online also . It also helps to develop money saving ability of kids. Learning games are amazing for kids because it comes with so many features like memory boosting, decision making, social activities, so these all play great role for a better grooming of kids.

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