Kinsta Technical Features

This section of our Kinsta review should answer any questions you may have about the finer points and technical details of this service before we move on to the site speed, uptime, and performance test results:

Website caching: Four types of caching in place, including server-level caching and an in-house WordPress caching plugin.

Content Delivery Network (CDN): 50 GB of KeyCDN usage per month on the entry-level Kinsta plan; more on the higher plans.

PHP: Switch between PHP 5.6, 7, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 at the touch of a button.

HTTP/2.0: In use on the servers and the CDN.

SSL: Get a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, or install your own.

SFTP: Secure FTP access to your web space for uploading and editing files.

Server file manager: No online file manager; just FTP access to the server space.

Database access: phpMyAdmin is used to access the WordPress website database through a browser.

Email service: No email service on any of the Kinsta plans; G Suite is the recommended option.

WordPress website management: Ability to update plugins through the My Kinsta account dashboard, but no automatic plugin or WordPress core software updates.

Plugin restrictions: There’s a list of banned plugins, including some caching, security, and optimization plugins that can affect website performance.

Security measures: Lots of measures are in place to keep your site secure, including GeoIP blocking, DDoS scanning, proactively stopping malicious code entering the network, self-healing PHP, GCP firewall, plus more.

Post-hack clean-up services: If your site is hacked while hosted by Kinsta, they’ll fix it for free.

Data center locations: 23 server locations to choose from, including options in Australia and South America, as well as multiple locations in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Staging sites: All plans include access to a staging site with one-click deployment to the live site.

WordPress website migration: Available for free on all hosting plans.

Visitor analytics: View data on your website traffic through the My Kinsta dashboard.

Uptime checks: The status of your site is checked every five minutes to allow the support team to respond to any instances of downtime that are detected.

Support channels: A 24/7 live chat channel and ticketing system, but no telephone support.

You can find more information on the features page of the Kinsta website.

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