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Best Income Tax Preparation Tips You’ll Read This Year

Income tax preparation is easy onlineYou’ve decided that you’ll do your income tax preparation online this year and now begins the search for an online tax filing provider. You type in a keyword phrase such as online tax filing and before you appears about 20 million results.

You begin reading different ones on page one and they all advertise free returns with about 3 or 4 pricing variations that increase with the complexity of your return.

Most firms today follow the Free Filing Alliance from a couple of years ago and will let you file a Federal 1040EZ return free. Then the income tax preparation pricing for filing your state return initiates another search as these vary from $29.95 up to $59.95.

We understood how all these different offers added to the stress of tax season and decided to make it easier for the taxpayer. If you do your income tax preparation through our website, you will find 3 simple offers.

First of all, if you qualify for the Form 1040EZ per the IRS guidelines, the federal return is FREE. To make it even easier for you, our intuitive software program will let you know if you qualify. Simply enter your information and when the program calculates the return, it will use the 1040EZ form if you qualify. What could be easier?

If you qualify for the Free 1040EZ return, then your state return is only $ 14.95. Furthermore, if you had income from several states and have to file there as well, we do that tax preparation for you as well. Not a bad deal at all.

If you don’t qualify for the 1040EZ simple return, and do qualify for the 1040A, then the fee for the federal return is $29.95 with the same deal for the state return of $ 19.95.

Finally, if your income tax preparation is more complex and you must file the Federal 1040 form, the fee is a low $49.95. This point here is where our program beats the competition. They will add a couple of additional forms and give you a higher price, and continue that up to around $79.95 and higher.

Not ours! When you use the Form 1040, it doesn’t matter how many business or rental schedules are needed, our price remains the same. [bctt tweet=”Read our valuable tips for a less stressful tax season. Spread the word.” username=”HBSMoneyTips”]

Income tax preparation doesn’t have to be expensive or made to look difficult. We offer you a fast, easy, and highly secure method to file taxes online. I’ll explain just how easy it is to file your taxes online with us.

Firstly, you can use the Try It feature if you want, or you can create an account now. Either way, you have no obligation unless you decide to accept our generous offer and actually file your return.

Once you login in to the program, you only need to answer the basic interview questions, enter your W-2 information, and from other Form 1099’s if you have them. Once that is completed, just sit back and watch as the program does its in-depth review and calculation.

It will let you know first of all if you qualify for the Free 1040EZ return or one of the other forms. It then reviews, and based on your filing status, gross income, and age, will let you know what other deductions or tax credits that you may be eligible for.

All of these calculations are going on behind the scene and then you are presented with the return for your review. At this point, if you saw that you entered something incorrectly, or perhaps missed a form, you can go back and make any changes necessary.

If you decide to accept our low fee offer, then at this point you can pay for your return. If you don’t want to use a credit card to pay, you can choose to have our low fee deducted from your refunds. Then you simply click the button to e-file the return and you’re done. All filings are automatic.

We feel that we have a very good offer for you, plus free unlimited support, and encourage you to file your taxes with us. Income tax preparation with us is easy and you’ll receive fast refunds with no credit card required.

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