How To File Your Own Taxes

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Want To Know How to File Your Own Taxes?

Unless your tax return is very complex, there is no need to gather all of your tax records, and make an appointment to see a professional tax preparer. Online tax filing sites today are so intuitive, they will actually show you how to file your own taxes.

Our online tax filing site, especially, will offer you so many benefits such as convenience, accuracy guarantees, plus very fast refunds. You get all of these simply by answering a few simple interview questions, and all from the comfort of your home. Did we mention the very low cost?

Some of the major advantages to filing your own taxes online is the low cost and free electronic tax filing.

Get your tax records organized

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have all of the various tax forms, such as W-2, 1099’s for interest and dividends, plus any other tax forms. The best way to start is to get your copy of your previous year tax return and use that as a guide. Most individuals have little change year to year in types of income or expenses.

It’s important to maintain accurate and complete tax records. If the IRS would ever inquire as to some type of income or deduction, you would have everything needed to respond promptly.

Once you have all records gathered together, the rest is fairly cut and dry. You can learn how to file your own taxes literally by visiting our tax preparation website. Once you create a user name and secure password, you login and enter your basic information such as name and address, etc.

Our accuracy guarantee

Right up front, you can rest assured that our program is 100% accurate. After you are logged in, you are presented with a few simple questions that begins the interview process. These questions are designed to make sure that your own specific situation is covered in every way. Your filing status, types of income, and maybe expenses for the new home you bought.

Every answer to these questions determines any and all tax forms that you will need to file an accurate tax return. In addition to that, it will calculate and make sure that you receive every tax deduction and tax credit that you are eligible for. Showing you how to file your own taxes is what we do best.

Right after you enter the tax information from your W-2 and other forms that you received, our program calculates and prepares your tax return. You’ll be shown a summary page that lists the income and expenses, and whether you have a refund or a tax balance due.

Faster tax filing

Nobody really enjoys filing a tax return, especially if it takes a long time. We do our best to make sure that your valuable time is not wasted. By filing your taxes online with us, you’ll discover that we do all of the heavy work for you.

Get your refunds faster

If you’re getting a refund, we’ll do our part to make sure that you’ll get it as quickly as possible. You can use the direct deposit method and have your hard earned money put in your savings or checking account in about 10 days or so.

Once you see how to file your own taxes online, you won’t want to see a tax preparer again. You always start the preparation process with us with a Free federal return. If you are able to file using a Form 1040-EZ, our program will automatically use that form. There’s no need to figure out the best way to file.

Filing a Form 1040-EZ means that you can file your federal return for Free. There is only a small fee to file your state tax return.

Once you do the review of your completed tax return, you’re ready to click the e-file button and submit your federal and state returns. You’ll be able to keep track of your filing after your returns are acknowledged by the IRS and your state. In the meantime, our program will safely store your basic information for filing your next year’s tax returns. Another time saver!

We invite you to visit our website and see how to file your own taxes. You can try it out if you want with no obligation. When you see how easy it is, please let your friends and acquaintances know also. They’ll appreciate it.

Click here to file your own taxes online

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6 responses to “How To File Your Own Taxes”

  1. Sarah says:

    My favorite feature has to be that the program stores all of the information so that it is ready to use the next time you need to file your taxes online. You really need to figure it out just once and then I can only see advantages from there on. It saves you time and money. And everything is neatly organized and secure.

    • Gust Lenglet says:

      Thanks for your comment Sarah. Yes, one of the big benefits of filing your taxes online, is that it stores your basic information from year to year, and is a big time saver.

  2. Joe says:

    I’ve been filing my own taxes online for four years now and it really is easier, faster and cheaper. And I also like the feeling that I have more control over what’s happening with my money. Before I started filing my own taxes, I relied too much on other people whom I paid to do it for me, so I didn’t understand a lot about taxation. But it’s different now and it’s better that way.

    • Gust Lenglet says:

      Yes, Joe, the online tax filing site will actually help you to know more about taxes, and it gets easier as you go along.

  3. Kabirat Jaze says:

    What a time saver! My taxes aren’t that complex and right now I’m tired of gathering files and making the trip to tax preparers office whenever I need to work in them. This online filing of tax is like the best thing about tax I like now.

    • Gust Lenglet says:

      Thanks for sharing Kabirat. Filing your taxes online is not only cheaper but fast and easy. Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your home at your convenience.

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