How To Do Taxes With Online Tax Filing

How To Do Taxes In 4 Easy Steps

See how to do taxesEach year, more and more Americans, when faced with the question, how to do taxes, realize that they can handle it themselves. One of the reasons for this is the vast improvement in the online tax filing software programs.

When you consider the overall tax preparation cost that an accountant would charge as compared to one of the online tax filing sites, it becomes a no-brainer. Plus, the online tax programs are so much faster and easy to use. Add in the convenience of not having to leave your computer and it’s easy to see this is how to do taxes.

The online tax filing programs are now so sophisticated, and have simple interview type questions designed to cover all of the changes in the tax code. Additionally, they also have the ability to make certain that the filer receives all eligible tax credits and deductions based on the individual’s filing status. The question, how to do taxes, becomes a moot point for many filers. Very low cost – fast – easy and convenient.

Once you e-file your return, the program has the ability to track your return, right from IRS and state acceptance to checking the status of your refunds.

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  • Don’t allow yourself to feel rushed by waiting until the last minute to file. Usually, when rushing, you’re more prone to make an error.
  • Your first order of business is to get a copy of your prior year tax return and use that as a guide to gather the current year’s tax information.
  • Make a comparison of features and cost of the online tax filing software program that you will use to prepare your return. Our program was developed by Drake Software and is the same program used by 30,000 + tax and accounting firms across the country.
  • You need to be aware that many of the online tax filing programs will require you to upgrade if your tax return contains certain forms from a more complicated return. You won’t have that problem with our program. Income below $ 100,000.00, you file a free federal return. Filing with income below $100,000.00, standard deduction, and a few tax credits, you qualify for the $29.95 return. Everything else, you use the $49.95 return. That also includes a state return should you need them. You won’t find all of their gimmicks on our online tax filing site. This is how to do taxes.

There will probably be some information on your Form W-2 regarding medical insurance coverage paid by you and your employer to report on your tax return, but that won’t have a bearing on your taxes.

If you’re looking for fast refunds, and who isn’t, simply e-file your federal and state return and use the direct deposit method. When you e-file your tax returns, you can then determine when the IRS and your resident state has processed your return. Mail them in and you lose that very important feature.

Using our intuitive online tax filing program is like having the ability to talk with an accountant. The simple interview questions will make sure that you receive all tax credits due you, especially the education credits.

Even if you don’t qualify for one of the education credits, our program will check to see if you can use the tuition and fees deduction instead.

Some other credits and deductions that may be available to you are the child and dependent care credit, the adoption credit, child tax credit, educator expenses up to $250.00, mortgage insurance (PMI) deduction.

So, do yourself a big favor, and check out our online tax filing program. It will answer the question, how to do taxes, and will make your tax preparation this year a pleasant experience.

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