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The Ultimate Guide to Free Tax Filing Online

Do you still take your tax records to a CPA or other tax professional for a simple return? Each year, millions of taxpayers are taking advantage of free tax filing online at one of the online tax filing firms.

Cost and convenience are the two major reasons for this change. Having a tax professional prepare even a simple return without itemizing, can cost several hundred dollars. Traveling to and from a tax professional can be very inconvenient as compared to doing your taxes online from the comfort of your home.

You’ve probably heard about the new tax law that goes into effect for 2018 tax returns. The primary change in this law raises the standard deduction to $12,000 for a single individual and $24,000 for a married couple filing a joint return.

Many taxpayers who had been itemizing deductions before will now get a larger deduction.  A further benefit is that you can prepare your own tax return and probably qualify for free tax filing online.

Choosing an online tax vendor

Finding the best online tax filing vendor for you isn’t really that hard either. There are probably six or seven major vendors, with the rest being affiliates of the major ones.

As you search to find the best online tax filing websites, you’ll discover various pricing options. Many have different pricing modules and pricing tiers. We know how confusing this can be and our program was designed for you, the taxpayer, in mind.

The best way to make the program fast and easy was to use an interview method to gather your information. Just by answering a few questions, the program knows what forms you’ll need and the type of return. It also knows what deductions and tax credits that you qualify for and automatically uses them.

Can free tax filing online be this easy

Once you answer the simple interview questions, you then enter the information from your tax forms. These would include W-2 (s) and other tax forms such as Form 1099 (s) for bank interest or dividends. If you itemize your deductions, it’s a simple matter to enter that information as well.

When all of your tax information from your forms is entered into the system, the software selects the forms. They’re all filled out, and your return is prepared. In a few seconds, the completed tax return is presented for your review.

You won’t be asked to pay until  you’re satisfied with the tax return. Then you can electronically file it with the IRS and your state. Or if you prefer, you can have our small fee deducted from your refund. No credit card will be required using that method.

Electronically file your return

One click now, and your return is on its way. Choosing direct deposit will speed up your refund also.

Several of our online clients have told us how easy the program was. They told us that they had their returns prepared in about twenty minutes.

We can attest to that because we use the same software program in our tax office for our many clients. You’ll notice as well that we only have three pricing modules with the first one being Free filing if you qualify to file a 1040EZ return.

Did we mention that there is no charge for e-filing? All returns are e-filed to the IRS and to the state(s) required.
We work hard so that you will get your federal and state tax refund as quickly as possible. Filing electronically with the IRS and your state is the way to go. Plus, if you choose the direct deposit method to a bank account, will get your tax refund faster.

Do a cost and convenience comparison

Comparing our price for free tax filing online with a tax professional is a no-brainer. We also compare well among the other tax filing websites. We encourage you to take our program for a free test drive so that you can see just how easy it is. You can actually prepare your entire tax return at no charge or obligation.

We designed our online tax filing tools so there wouldn’t be any guesswork in filing your taxes. The program was designed with you in mind and will guide you through the entire filing process with no difficulty. Plus, your return is guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

If you have a question or need help, our qualified USA based online tax support is ready to assist.

Filing taxes online is the way to go

One of the big advantages of filing taxes online is that you don’t need to be a tax preparer, nor do you need to understand our confusing and very complex tax code. Our highly intuitive software program is designed to review your information and to give every deduction and tax credit that you are qualified to receive.

We encourage you to try our program by taking a free test drive. You don’t have to wonder what type of form or schedule that you need…start anywhere and the program will know. You’ll always get the lowest cost return automatically, including the free tax filing online one.

Many of our current clients took that same test drive, and when they saw just how easy it was, they were convinced. So, if you want your tax return prepared with 100% accuracy and want to receive every tax credit and deduction that you are eligible for, you owe it to yourself to try our program. Free tax filing online means just that. You’ll be glad you did.

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