Free Online Tax Preparation

Free Online Tax Preparation – See If You Qualify

Free online tax preparationMany individuals who would otherwise qualify for free online tax preparation, are still bringing their tax information to their local accountant. Usually, this is because they have significant apprehension and are intimidated by the entire tax filing process.

As an example, on our website, if your income falls into the amount specified by the Internal Revenue Service to qualify for a Form 1040EZ, your federal return is FREE.

There’s absolutely no reason to take that type of tax return to an accountant to prepare, and then pay a much higher fee, as compared to the online tax filing fee for your state return.

We understand if you have a complex tax return that may contain business or rental schedules, and you may be unsure about various deductions, then for you, it might be a good idea. However, if you try the free online tax preparation and see just how easy it is, you may decide to tackle a more complex return down the road. [bctt tweet=”Don’t take a simple tax return to a CPA. You can do it yourself here for a fraction of the cost.” username=”HBSMoneyTips”]

Remember, the local accountant has overhead and payroll to pay, and must charge the higher fees to stay in business.

Filing Your Taxes Online Can Be Free If You Qualify

One of the best options for filing your taxes online is to take advantage of the free online tax filing services if you qualify. By doing this, your only cost is for the state tax return.

In the event that you don’t qualify for the free online tax preparation program, please don’t become frustrated or confused, it only means that you had higher income or more dependents than the IRS allows for a Form 1040EZ.

You may very qualify for the next higher return, the Form 1040A, which is the lowest cost for any of the paid federal returns. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to see if you qualify, our software program will do it for you automatically.

If you review our pricing modules, you will see that we offer some of the lowest fees in the industry. We give you free electronic tax filing on all returns, free technical support.

By using our free online tax preparation services, you will quickly see just how fast and easy our software program really is. We also request that you take it for a free test drive with no obligation whatsoever.

To illustrate the ease of online tax filing, you only need to answer the simple interview type questions and the program will decide what tax forms that need to be completed. What could be easier?

Once you enter the answers to those questions and enter your tax information such as W-2’s, etc, the program will complete the return for you to review. No need to be concerned with dependents or deductions, it’s all done automatically. You will also receive any tax credits that you may be eligible for.

After you review the return, all that’s left to do is pay our small fee and then you can print a copy for yourself and e-file the return to the Internal Revenue Service and your resident state, plus any additional states if your return had any. If you want, you can pay the small fee by having it deducted from your refund. That way, no credit card will be needed.

Don’t delay, do your free online tax preparation with us and be assured of guaranteed accuracy that comes with all returns, plus receive your refunds in as little as eight days by direct deposit to your bank account.

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