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Try our free online tax filingI can just hear some of you saying “There is no free lunch” let alone free tax filing, but there actually is – free online tax filing, that is, if you meet certain conditions.

Most of us feel that paying or over paying on income taxes is bad enough, and then we get hit by a high fee from our tax preparer. It just creates more frustration knowing that our tax code does not have to be so complex.

It’s so bad now that even a lot of tax preparers don’t fully understand it. The primary reasons for the current confusion and complexity are politicians and other special interest groups with enough financial backing to buy their lawmaker’s votes.

This is why we hear so much about the flat tax, but again the special interest groups won’t permit that, so it’s a moot point. Didn’t mean to digress because this article is about free online tax preparation, and yes we have it.

This free online tax filing is not connected with the Free Filing Alliance as their terms and conditions vary from vendor to vendor. Basically our free online tax preparation is geared to the requirements of filing a Form 1040EZ.

Most of the major vendors offer this free federal return for those with gross incomes below $100,000.00. Filing status can be single or married filing joint, but with no dependents. [bctt tweet=”Free tax filing only means the federal return. The state return is extra.” username=”HBSMoneyTips”]

If your state has an income tax, it should be pointed out that the Federal return is free if you qualify and there is a low fee to prepare the state return.

As soon as you review the federal return and are satisfied, the next item is to review your state return. Your resident state return is prepared automatically when you prepare the federal return.

Also, should you have income from more than one state, our program will prepare non-resident returns to report the income for you.

For those who aren’t sure if they qualify for free tax filing, our unique program will allow you to start with a free return and it will automatically use the required forms to complete your return.

If you don’t qualify for free online tax filing, but do qualify for the Form 1040A, then your federal return would cost $29.95, plus the low fee for the state return. If you have business or rental schedules, then the fee would be $49.95 plus the low fee for the state return.

You’ll find our $49.95 fee lower than most other online tax filing vendors for the business or rental forms. Their fees are $60.00 and up for these types of returns.

We never charge for e-filing returns and will store the basic information for you to prepare next year’s returns. In addition, if you need assistance during business hours, e-mails are answered in under one hour.

Our free online tax filing program is very unique and intuitive. Based on your filing status, the program will make sure that you receive all tax credits and deductions that you are eligible for.

The developer and programmers for this unique free online tax filing software sells the same identical program to tens of thousands of accountants and tax preparers on a nation-wide basis. In our opinion, it is the best software for the money.

Please don’t make the mistake of taking a simple return like a Form 1040EZ to a tax preparer, or for that matter, even a Form 1040A – They’re so easy to do online – And much less in cost.

The best way to see if you qualify for free online tax filing is to simply start your free return and prepare it. You’re under no obligation of any kind. If you qualify, the return is done automatically.

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