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Free Federal Tax Filing – Want to See If You Qualify?

Free federal tax filing is available herePinHave you ever found free federal tax filing? Many feel that it’s bad enough having to pay taxes, but when you are charged a high fee to get your return prepared, well it’s just adding insult to injury.

There’s probably a lot of truth in that comment, most of it frustration caused by the complex tax code that even some tax preparers don’t understand. Way back, when the tax code was first introduced, and all of the special interests hadn’t stuck their greedy fingers in, preparing your tax return was quite simple. It can be compared to some of the flat tax proposals we all have been hearing about.

Enough of that…yes, you can indeed find free federal tax filing on the internet today. A few years back, only a few vendors who were members of the Free Filing Alliance offered free tax filing. Today, it is being offered by all of the major tax vendors, and what it entails is basically a free 1040EZ federal tax return.[bctt tweet=”See if you qualify for a FREE federal return. Many individuals do!” username=”HBSMoneyTips”]

The gross income must be under $100,000.00 and other requirements mandated by the IRS, to be able to file a 1040EZ tax form. It should be pointed out that only your federal return is free if you qualify for that form. Most states require an income tax return, and if you file that return through the vendor, there is a charge for it.

If you really wanted to make the entire scenario free, you could take your copy of the federal return and file the state return on the state’s website. Would be a little more work, but it could be done.

Take A Test Drive with Our Free Online Tax Filing

Before you begin to search for a free federal tax filing vendor, you need to be sure that you qualify. Most, if not all vendors, will allow you to take their program for a test drive that will permit you to actually complete your return and review it. You should be able to see if you qualify for the free federal filing 2016 at that point.

Your next item to review will be the cost to file your state tax return, assuming you live in a state that has an income tax. In addition, if you have income from another state, you may have to file a tax return there as well.

Some vendors will charge extra to file more than one state, and there still may be a few that aren’t capable of filing in more than one. You need to check these items very closely.

For those of you who don’t qualify for the free federal tax filing option, you should also make a short list of the features your tax return requires, such as a business Schedule C or Schedule F, or perhaps a rental property.

You can then begin to search through the vendor listings. Normally you will find that the cost of the return goes up substantially as you require additional schedules, except for out site at

Some vendors have break points starting with Schedule D for stock sales and others with the business schedules. With some of the large national vendors, who shall remain nameless, expect to pay $60.00 to $75.00 and up for a simple business or rental property Schedule E return.

With our vendor, we begin with the Free 1040EZ, then charge only $24.95 for a 1040A. The regular 1040 return is only $49.95 no matter how many schedules are on the return. Plus, we will file state returns for a nominal fee if you need them and no charge for e-filing either.

In addition, if you need assistance, or have a question, an e-mail to us is answered in less than an hour or sooner during business hours. Other firms charge for questions with several variations.

There are some vendors you will come across in your search, that only permit you to file certain federal forms. Some only offer filing to certain states and others charge for e-filing.

It used to be that the taxpayer needed to be aware of every deduction and tax credit that they were eligible for. However, now all of the major vendors have good, professional software that will know this. If you choose some unknown vendor, and you know that you should receive the earned income credit for instance, and you don’t get it, stop and find out or change vendors.

As we mentioned above, our intuitive software program knows the tax code and the deductions and tax credits that you may be eligible for. Plus there is no charge for e-filing, and free support.

The developer of our online tax filing software also sells this same program to tens of thousands of accounting firms across the country, and it is really the best in our opinion.

To see if you qualify for free federal tax filing, simply take a test drive, or create an account and prepare your return. The program will automatically calculate to see if you qualify for a free federal return, and if so, it is done.

Take our amazing program for a test drive and experience what so many of our valued clients do. You may qualify for free federal tax filing.

Click here to see, no obligation.

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