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Founder's bio of Gust LengletBios are often a filler on a website.  Cold, distant, “blurbs” of people, with titles and accomplishments.  However Bios on a site, blog, or social media profile allow readers, customers, and partners the opportunity to connect, to “get to know”, get a feel of a person, ideology, passion, and past success.  Too often people make decisions based on marketing, however, it is the art of engagement, seeing behind the “curtain” that will give people a true sense of a person.  So is the case with Gust Lenglet.

In this era of social media and connection there has never been a more powerful opportunity to allow people the opportunity to connect.  Gust Lenglet is bringing back social in this era of social media.  Accomplished.  Writer.  Financial Advisor.  Trusted Consultant.  These are all attributes that can be used to describe him.

An accomplished and decorated bank commercial lender, Gust had, and took the advantage to be able to retire early from the industry.  Having a passion for finance and processes, it led him to accept the position as Controller for a major, high volume law firm.  This multi-state, multi-faceted firm gave Gust the opportunity to work every facet of financials : Accounts Payable, Receivable, and all aspects of accounting.  He had the opportunity to lead, create, and develop a strong human resources department.  Also during this time with the firm, the entrepreneurial spirit hit Gust and he started his own accounting and tax practice part-time: HBS Financial Group, Ltd.  Soon thereafter Gust retired from the law firm to pursue his other passions.

The empowerment of people became the strong suit of Gust.  Yes, through his company and the 100’s of satisfied clients, but Gust wanted to reach a larger audience.  In this era of “solutions” and product driven solutions, it was the knowledge necessary in personal finance, credit, budgeting, taxes, and investing that Gust thought people were missing.  So Gust created , a portal of personal empowerment for anyone on any financial level to take control of their knowledge and finances.

Now an accomplished author and blogpreneur, Gust is empowering people all over the country.  130 plus published articles outside his site through Ezines, Gust is reaching an audience and demographics like very few in the financial world.  Driven to teach, not product promote makes Gust so successful, influential, and respected.  Continuing with his personal accounting practice to this day, you will however, find Gust at his true love.  Sharing knowledge for all those that seek it, and engaging people worldwide to be, do, and have all they desire.  Connect with Gust today through:

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