Filing Taxes Online Is Fast & Easy

Everything You Need to Know About Filing Taxes Online

Filing taxes online is quickPinHere are a few of the major advantages of filing taxes online with electronic filing:

Organizing your tax records – If you’re audited by the IRS, or if you simply are questioning some part of your tax return, you’ll be able to access the permanent electronic record at any time. When you file taxes online from the comfort of your own computer, you create that permanent electronic record for future use.

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E-file your taxes online for Free – On our site, there is a small fee for filing your taxes online, but for what our intuitive program can save you in taxes, it is well worth it. [bctt tweet=”Most clients tell us that just getting the tax credits that they are entitled to, is many times the small fee.” username=”HBSMoneyTips”]

Filing taxes online is fast, easy, and safe. Taking all deductions that you are entitled to will also lower your taxes and our program does this automatically. You never have to be concerned if you have all of your deductions listed because our software program will ask you all of the right questions, just to be sure.

Accuracy Guaranteed – When you file taxes online here, our program makes sure your tax return is accurate. After you enter your basic information such as names, addresses, SSN’s, our intuitive program will begin a short interview process. You simply answer the questions and enter the requested information such as W-2’s, bank interest, etc.

Based on the answers to the questions, the program knows what tax forms and schedules that you need and completes them. It also will calculate for eligible deductions and will make sure that any and all tax credits that you are entitled to are entered on the tax schedules. All calculations are made for you and then a summary page is completed for your review. Online tax filing is so fast and accurate, and all automatic.

Quicker tax filing – No one wants to go through piles of tax records or spend valuable time doing so. When you file taxes online with us, you’re spared from that tedious work and the entire process is in high gear.

Faster Refunds: – If you’re due a refund, filing your taxes online will get them to you quickly. By selecting direct deposit to your checking or savings account, you can receive refunds in about ten (10) days.

There are so many advantages to filing taxes online that no one would want to file any other way. After you click the banner or link to arrive at our online tax filing site, you’ll always start with a Free return. As you answer the interview questions and enter form information, the program knows automatically what type of return to prepare for you.

Those who normally file a Form 1040-EZ will file a Free federal return and pay a small fee for the state return, if you state has one. A big benefit with our online tax filing site is that should you need to file more than one state return, our program will prepare them for you.

After you review all of the information, you simply click to e-file your tax return and it’s done. You can check for IRS and state acknowledgements and then wait for your refunds. All of the basic information is saved for next year which helps to make it simpler for you.

We encourage you to take advantage of filing taxes online and hope that you will tell your friends and acquaintance about our great program. Give it a try with no obligation.

Filing Taxes Online Is Fast & EasyPin

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