Filing Taxes? You Can Do It

First Time Filing Taxes? Have You Considered Filing Your Taxes Online?

Filing taxes here is easyPinAs we all know, filing your taxes is required by the Internal Revenue Service if your annual income is above certain limits. As a matter of fact, the state that you live in wants their share of your income as well.

A lot of individuals feel intimidated or perhaps overwhelmed just thinking about filing taxes. As an experienced tax preparer, I can assure you that filing your taxes is no big deal for the majority of taxpayers.

Those who have a very complicated tax return should go to an experienced tax preparer, primarily because the tax laws change so frequently.

An experienced preparer will make sure that you receive all deductions and tax credits that you are eligible for based on your personal situation.

If you’re filing taxes for the first time, or if your income is from W-2 wages, and maybe bank interest, you need to be aware of online tax filing. There’s no need to be buying tax software when you’re filing your taxes…chances are that you’ll pay more if you do.

[bctt tweet=”Filing taxes online can be done from the comfort of your home. ” username=”HBSMoneyTips”]You need to select the proper website when you do, and there are many choices available. We offer you free online tax filing for your federal return if your total income is below $100,000.00 and you meet certain other conditions.

You only pay a low fee of $14.95 for filing your state return.

The first thing that you need to do in filing taxes, is to gather all of the tax information that was sent to you. These include, but are not limited to, W-2 (s), 1099-INT, 1099-MISC, and maybe even a 1099-R. Once you have all of these forms, you’re ready for the next step.

We’ve partnered with, a long established firm whose tax software is used by tens of thousands of accountants across the country. You can have a look at their site HERE.

Don’t let filing taxes cause you any concern. You will quickly see just how easy it is. Right after you login, you’ll be asked a few simple interview type questions. As soon as you answer them, our intuitive software will know what tax forms that you need and have them ready for you.

You simply fill in the forms that will look just like the forms your employer (W-2) and your bank sent to you. Enter that same information on those forms and our program will calculate your return for your review.

After you review the information, you’re ready to e-file your return, and print a copy for your records. By the way, there is no additional charge for e-filing or printing. Once you e-file, and if you are using direct deposit to a bank account, your refunds will be deposited in about ten days. What could be easier?

After a few years, your tax return may get more complicated, but you’ll become more experienced, and filing taxes online will be easy enough for you to do. Our program will handle business schedules and also rental properties and everything in between, so you won’t have any concerns there. We’ve got you covered!

Let me assure you again, there’s no need to be taking all of your tax information to an accountant, and paying high fees. Filing taxes online is fast – easy – secure – and very low cost at our site. Do yourself a favor and try the site Free, and see for yourself.

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