File Taxes for Free Now

File Taxes for Free Now

The Ultimate Guide on How to File Taxes for Free

Do you still take your simple tax return to a CPA or a professional tax preparer? Don’t their high preparation fees seem excessive? The fact of the matter is that many individuals qualify to file taxes for free, but are still intimidated by the concept of taxes.

A few years back, I could understand this apprehension. But today, there is no reason to feel that way. Tax preparation software has become so intuitive and technologically advanced, it can literally prepare your return for you.

If your gross income is $100,000.00 or less, and it meets the IRS guidelines to file a Form 1040-EZ, there is no charge to file your federal return.

If your tax situation is in that category, it makes no sense to take it to a professional tax preparer. You’ll end up paying a fee of $150.00 to 300.00 and more, plus the inconvenience of making two trips to the preparer’s office.

Visit our website, and you can do it from the convenience of your home, and at your time schedule. What’s more, you can file taxes for free on your federal return and only a low cost of $14.95 for your resident state return.

If your return is quite complex, we can understand why you would want a pro involved. From past experience though, we’ve discovered that after doing your taxes yourself online, the fear factor is much less, and you’re able to do a more complex return.

The reason for that is our very simple interview method that is used by our software. The questions asked will cover any tax situation. Your answers allow the program to select all of the tax forms needed to prepare your return.

File Taxes for Free Without All the Confusion

If you look at some other tax vendor, you’ll see a confusing array of filing options. Different forms used determine the type of pricing option needed for your return. Which one do you select? Ours takes out all of the guesswork for you. All returns automatically start with the for free option, which is the 1040-EZ tax form.

Your answers to the interview questions determine the tax forms needed, and our highly intuitive program will always give you the lowest option automatically. You don’t have to know the forms needed, we do it for you.

Take a look at our three pricing schedules and you’ll see we’re one of the lowest. On the free schedule, we even include free e-filing, free technical support, and a very low cost for the state return.

We invite you to give our program a try for free with no obligation just to see for yourself how fast and easy it is. You’ll be amazed when you see your tax return prepared after you enter your tax information.

You don’t have to be concerned if you have the correct dependents or various deductions. You can also be sure that any tax credits that you qualify for have been included on your return.

When everything is entered, you’ll be presented with a screen to review your return. Once you’re sure that everything is okay, you’re ready to file your return. One click files your return with the IRS and also your resident state.

We urge you to join the millions of taxpayers who have decided to file taxes for free with us. You can have your refunds deposited directly to your checking or savings account in about ten days. What could be easier than that?

Click here for the best way to file your taxes online.

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March 8, 2018 3:13 pm

I have friends using tax preparation software to manage their taxes who’ve been convincing me to try it out as well. But I’m still hesitating because I’m not tech savvy. It’d be a game changer if I could file my taxes for free though, so I’m seriously considering it. It’d be great not having to pay fees for someone else to prepare my taxes. Your article is quite convincing. I’ll give your program a try.

May 1, 2018 12:41 pm

I was a little intimidated when I first tried to file my own taxes online. But I was set on figuring it our ever since I found out that I don’t necessarily have to hire a professional and can file taxes for free. The software is aimed at average people who are not experts in any shape or form. It’s user friendly and not complicated at all.

Lilian Snow
May 19, 2018 6:56 pm

Hmmmm.. refunds paid in about 10 days. This is cool I must say. Though I am not still settled on how to go about the whole process, I’m sure it is worth a try and I’ll get the hang of it in no time.