Family Budget Software For Your Family’s Financial Future

Family Budget Software For Your Family’s Financial FuturePin

Ways To Secure The Financial Future Of Your Family With Family Budget Software

Do you plan to start a family soon? Do you know that you can provide an additional form of stability by using a good family budget software program? Sometimes we don’t realize it, but taking that big step and starting a family can be an emotional challenge.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we will deal with various psychological effects as we enter that realm of raising children. Those of us who have gone through remember those many sleepless nights, plus the added responsibility of caring and providing for that new loved one.  As soon as the newborn arrives, an entire new category of expenses must now be added. From health care to baby formula, caring for a child involves a large financial commitment that many fail to consider.

Creating a family budget becomes very important at this point, when you consider that in eighteen short years, the child will be entering college! This is a frightening fact of life that we all have to deal with.  You know that you need to create a family budget, but how in the world do you begin?

So many families feel that preparing a budget is just too hard, and even worse, too hard to live with. The plain fact of the matter is that it can be difficult without the proper family budget software. The program that we recommend so highly is You Need A budget, and this is one case where setting up a family budget is not hard at all.

With this software program, creating a family budget is as simple as entering your income and expenses, and allowing the program to guide you through the rest of the setup. If you’re not familiar with certain accounting terms, or perhaps  need advice on a particular topic, tutorials and live classes are available Free of charge.

There are a number of questions that we normally have after we setup our accounts in a budgeting program. One general question in particular is “How long will it take to reach the goals that were set for my savings”? A good family budgeting program, such as You Need A Budget, will keep you advised and make recommendations on reaching your short and long term goals.

A few examples of these goals are a six month rainy day fund, a family vacation, and yes, even the college fund for the newborn child. This budgeting program will help you to understand how and when you will reach certain goals, plus will also advise on where these funds should be maintained. Normally, it is a good idea to reduce debt such as credit cards, but there may be a good reason to keep that low rate mortgage and accumulate savings instead. You don’t have to make that decision yourself, because this intuitive family budget software will guide you.

The right family budgeting software will always help you to make the correct decisions concerning your family’s financial well being. I continue to make this point about YNAB, and it is the concept that the current month’s expenses are allocated on the previous month’s income. Plus, every single dollar has a job and is put to use in some way.

This concept has helped this program to become very popular, and it illustrates the need for family budget software whether you are just starting a family or already have several children.

Taking on the responsibility of caring and providing for a family should never be taken lightly, and should be carefully planned. After all, decisions that are made don’t just affect you, they include the entire family. By setting up a good family budget, you’ll be able track spending, reduce debt, and provide a sound financial future for your family.

11 responses to “Family Budget Software For Your Family’s Financial Future”

  1. Avatar of Karin Meredith Karin Meredith says:

    Hello from Canada. A year ago my husband and I ordered “You Need A Budget” budget planner and we were extremely pleased with it. We had it downloaded by email and we were finding it to be such a help to us. …
    Thanks very much.
    – Karin and Lorne Meredith from Edmonton, AB

  2. Avatar of Marc Tetreault Marc Tetreault says:

    Nice review and thanks for adding in your input @Karin. It’s always nice to see testimonials from people before actually trying out a product. I was going to try it either way, but this makes me extra sure I want to try the software now :).

    • Avatar of Gust Gust says:

      Thanks Marc,
      Glad to hear that you are willing to try the software out. The good news is that there is a free trial period as well. If you don’t like it, a full refund no questions asked.

  3. Avatar of Kim Rawks Kim Rawks says:

    Keeping a budget serves two purposes – it helps keep your expenditures in line with what you’re earning and it reveals the little everyday expenses and outlays you don’t normally pay much attention to. Software like this is not only useful for families but also college students! 🙂

  4. Avatar of Stacey Stacey says:

    This sounds really helpful, I budget my money by writing incoming and outgoing money on a big wall calendar but have been looking for a more up to date way of organising everything. I wasn’t aware of programs like this, thanks for sharing and for the informative post

  5. Avatar of ed pierce ed pierce says:

    I just downloaded the YNAB app and I will set it up later tonight. It looks like a really promising tool to help me start using a budget for the new year.

  6. Avatar of K. Murrow K. Murrow says:

    Nice review. I’m desperate to get a handle on my household budget now since my hours have been cut back. I’m a single parent, and with less income but the same level of household expenses, budgeting properly is going to be vital to my financial survival. Until recently I had adequate income so I never worried about what I was spending, a luxury I no longer can afford. Thanks and I’m off to check out

  7. Avatar of Katherine Short Katherine Short says:

    If you guys haven’t tried “you need a budget” give it a shot. We used both Quicken and YNAB. We first had Quicken but I wanted something more for helping us save and not just for showing when our bills are due. We had already bought quicken and wanted to try YNAB so we did the trial and I liked it. Now, if you use these two together for planning and budgeting, you will get out of debt in no time and your bills will always be paid on time. I don’t use the quicken bill pay because my bank offers this for free but I use the calendar feature and the bank feature. I don’t recommend both unless you already have one and want to really get on top of things, then I would say for you to purchase the other as well.

  8. Avatar of Clay Albright Clay Albright says:

    Thanks for posting such an informative post. I’ve been using the household budgeting software that came with my PC. It’s lacking in a lot of areas so I was here to read up on options.

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