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It’s Not Hard To Do Your Taxes Online – Read Our Tips

Do your taxes online for fast refundsWhen you do your taxes online, it’s fast, easy, and very secure. Consider this scenario if you will. After a lot of thought and deliberation, you’ve decided to try something different this tax filing season. Your tax return isn’t that complex, so you’ve decided to do your taxes online at the recommendation of a friend.

But, where do you start? A search on the internet using one of the popular keyword phrases has produced so many results, it’s now even more confusing. You call your friend and he told you the site that he has been using for years.

This is your first time to do your taxes online, so you take your friend’s advice and decide to use our website. At this point, you’re not sure what documents you’ll need. So, to be on the safe side, you locate the W-2 that was mailed to you along with other tax forms like dividends and bank interest. In the past, you were able to itemize deductions, so you gather all that information as well.

You do have a small sideline business where you do custom work on automobiles, so you gather those records as well. It started out as a hobby, but now, it has developed into a profitable business operation.

Your friend has suggested that you incorporate the operation, but you haven’t considered that yet, so it will go on a Schedule C on your personal return this year.

Out of curiosity you begin to review a few other vendors where you can do your taxes online. You quickly see that their charges are generally based on the types of schedules on your return. Most of them offer a free federal return if you file a Form 1040EZ. After that however, most of them scale upward in price substantially.

You’re really not sure what type of return you will have to file, but it has to include the business schedule for your sideline business.

A lot of the vendors have three or four columns of return types and the more schedules that you have, the higher the fee. Most of the ones that have the business schedule have a price in the area of $79.95.

You wonder also whether you’ll be able to ask any questions if you get stuck. Most say that you can send them an e-mail, but how fast do they respond?

You notice also that the cost to file a state return can be rather expensive. Their fine print lists the cost to file a state return, and these vary widely among the vendors.[bctt tweet=”Don’t pay the other vendors high prices to do your taxes online. Prepare the most complex return for only $39.95″ username=”HBSMoneyTips”]

Most of the ones that you’ve read offer e-filing at no extra charge, but a few did charge for that service. It’s important that the e-filing be offered at no extra charge for the federal return and the state return also. You know that e-filing returns to the IRS and your state is important. Any refunds can be directly deposited to your bank in about ten days, so it is faster and safer.

After seeing the other websites, you’re glad that you called your friend. He told you that he had used out website for his online tax filing for several years. He was impressed with the easy time that he had in filing his taxes, and especially the low cost.

We’re proud to say that we partner with, an established national tax filing vendor. Their parent company, Drake Software, develops the tax software program for them and over 30,000 accounting and tax preparation firms across the country. You can be assured that any changes to the tax laws are immediately updated in our software.

Your friend’s tax return was very similar to yours, and he too had a sideline business that he needed to report. So you begin to ask him a lot of questions that were on your mind.  First of all, the prices at our site were so much better. The free federal return version had a charge for the state return of only $14.95.

The middle column covered a Form 1040A basically for $29.95 plus $19.95 for the state(s). The last column covered any type of return possible for $49.95 with a $24.95 charge for the state(s).It included as many business schedule and/or rental schedules that you needed.

File Taxes is proud to have been an approved affiliate of for quite a few years and do highly recommend them to do your taxes online.

We urge you to take advantage of this amazing online tax filing software by giving it a free test with no obligation. You’ll be amazed how this awesome program makes it so easy.

Try it yourself with no obligation of any kind. Do your taxes online with us and you’ll see why so many individuals choose  us.

See why so many satisfied clients use this awesome tax filing program.

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