Do Your Own Taxes

Want to do your own taxes?

  • Maximum Refund Guarantee
  • Accuracy Guarantee
  • E-file your returns with direct deposit for fast refunds
Do Your Own Taxes

File On Your Own
Our program is so easy to use that you can file your taxes by yourself. Answer a few simple interview questions & you’re on your way.

Do Your Own Taxes

File Federal Free

Many taxpayers qualify for free federal filing. Certain conditions apply, Click the Icon above and see if you qualify. State return is extra.

Do Your Own Taxes

Fastest Tax Refund
E-file your federal and state taxes using direct deposit to your checking or savings account for the fastest refund.

Want to do your own taxes fast & easy?
It’s no secret that filing your taxes is not one of the most pleasant things you like to do. For that reason, you can do your own taxes with our online tax service software as pain free as possible. As a matter of fact, we’ve done our best to make the whole tax filing process simple, and with the highest degree of accuracy.

We’ve had some of our users say that our program was so easy to use that they were able to use our online software to e file their returns in as little as 15 minutes. Isn’t this the kind of tax program you’ve been looking for? At, we do our best to be the online tax service for you, and one that you can recommend to your friends and associates.


Start Filing Your Taxes

You don’t need to be a tax pro to file your taxes
You don’t have to be a trained accountant or a tax preparer. All you need to do is to gather your tax information, and then create a free account. After that, you simply enter your taxpayer information, income, and deductions if you plan to itemize. Our amazing software does a calculation from the information you entered, and prepares your tax return. This is the best way to do your own taxes fast and easy.

After you review everything to make sure nothing is left out, you have a choice of e-filing your return or printing it out for mailing. How could it be any easier? If you want your refund quick, we highly recommend using direct deposit and e-filing your return to the IRS and your resident state.

Start Filing for FREE

Qualified support when you need it

Our intuitive software was designed with you, the user, in mind. We took the guesswork out of doing your taxes by making the complicated process much easier. As your online tax service, we want you to do your own taxes accurately with as little stress as possible.

Many taxpayers may have a question at some point when filing their taxes. If you do, be assured that you can count on us for help. Our support staff is qualified and eager to help you when you need it. Our goal is to help you to file your taxes accurately, and should you have a refund due, to get it as quickly as possible.

Anyone who has tried to get the IRS on the phone knows how frustrating it can be. It’s bad enough now, but calling them during tax season can result in hold times of four hours and more. That’s if your call isn’t dropped, and you begin a new wait time.

We have a dedicated support staff that usually answers your question in minutes, even during peak times. You only need to submit a help request and one of our experts will respond back to you as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves in being one of the best online tax service providers.

File Your Taxes For Free

We’ve done our best to make filing your taxes as stress free as possible. When a refund is due, you don’t want the tax authorities holding your hard-earned money. By using the e-file method of filing with direct deposit, you’ll have your money back in your checking or savings account much faster.

Don’t wait to do your own taxes. Take advantage of our free option to file your taxes based on certain guidelines. Our other options are paid ones and can handle even the most complex tax return. What’s more, we offer prices that are 50% less expensive that other online tax programs. Check it out!

“I used Turbotax last year and feel that I got stiffed with their higher fee. I had a couple of items that only their higher priced return would prepare. I looked at your pricing package and saw that your $34.95 package includes any type of return. I liked your simple interview too.”
Tracy R.
Tracy R.Garland, TX
“I went through one of the big name tax return apps and got all the way through what I thought would be a reasonably priced filing only to be told when I went to submit that my return required a package that cost well over $100. told me up front what the price would be.”
Gary P.
Gary P.Toledo, OH gave me all the tools I needed to file my taxes with confidence. My husband and I both have freelance businesses… You guys made it easy to make the proper claims and deductions.”
Amanda Y.
Amanda Y.Baltimore, MD

Get a head start on your 2020 taxes & save

Everything delivered in one perfectly designed program with you, the user in mind. From out Free federal program and up to the Premium Plus, we have you covered for any type return you need.

Start Filing Your Taxes

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