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Count the Reasons Why You Should Do Taxes Online With Us

Do taxes onlineIt’s no secret that millions of taxpayers each year choose to do taxes online rather than buying and downloading software, or worse yet, taking their records to a CPA.

There are several reasons for this trend with the first being a matter of convenience. Doing taxes online is so much easier than traveling to your local CPA with your tax records in tow.

All that you need to do is to decide on the online tax filing software vendor that you will be using to do taxes online. A search on the internet will provide you with a few million offers, which can be somewhat overwhelming.

Just remember, there are probably only five of the more well known tax software vendors such as H & R Block, Turbotax, Complete Tax, TaxAct, and of course Most of the others are smaller firms and many are affiliates of the big five, who receive a commission for referring clients to them.

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You Can Do Taxes Online Free As Well

As you review the various offers to do taxes online, the first thing that really stands out is the difference in cost. Some will have a two tier pricing module while others will have three or four pricing tiers.

As you read the fine print for each module, you will notice that each vendor includes certain forms that are prepared by each one. It can get so confusing for the average online tax filer that he/she doesn’t know which way to turn.

This is where we come to the rescue! We have been preparing tax returns for over forty years, both offline in our tax offices as well as online through several of our tax filing sites.

We’ve done our best to make this entire online tax filing procedure as simple and as easy as possible. Even novice taxpayers who have never filed taxes online before have told us how easy it is.

First and foremost, we partnered with and setup our pricing modules like the others, but much more clearer. The first tier is for preparing a Form 1040EZ which is defined by the Internal Revenue Service, and that federal return is FREE. You only pay a low fee for the state return!

The next pricing module is for a Form 1040A as defined by the IRS. The fee is only $29.95 for this federal return plus our low fee for the state.

Our next and only other pricing tier is for the Form 1040 and it doesn’t matter how complex, or how many schedules and forms that you may need to do taxes online, the low price is only $49.95 plus the low fee for filing your state return.

We also include Free e-filing for all of your federal and state returns, and no charge ever for any questions or tech support that you may need. During business hours, we normally answer all of these email questions in less than one hour.

We urge you to compare our prices not only with your local CPA who would charge $100.00 to $500.00 and up, but with the other online tax vendors as well. And, of course, you can take our easy program for a test drive just to see how easy it is, and if you like it. You can prepare your entire return at no charge or obligation.

Another big advantage of doing taxes online is that you don’t have to be a trained tax preparer with a knowledge of our complex and confusing tax code. Our very intuitive tax software will review all of your information and will make certain that you get all deductions and tax credits that you are supposed to receive, automatically, with guaranteed accuracy.

Take us up on our offer by doing your taxes and taking the program for a Free test drive. No need for you to wonder which return you qualify for, start anywhere, and the program will let you know and will always use the lowest price return possible. You can do taxes online with us at the lowest cost and deduct the fees from your refund if you want, with no credit card required.


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