Thinking About Becoming a Freelancer?

Thinking About Becoming a Freelancer?

6 things to consider before making the jump to becoming a freelancer

(BPT) – Considering the economic challenges the world is faced with today, including some of the highest unemployment numbers in recent history, now could be an excellent time to begin a career as a freelancer.

Recent nationwide furloughs and layoffs caused by the struggling economy and the social distancing necessitated by COVID-19 make that particularly true. But statistics show the number of freelancers has been growing over the past decade, partly because people enjoy the flexibility, control and better work-life balance that can come with the role. And independent contractors span a range of professions these days, from law to graphic design to engineering.

In a survey conducted in the nation’s top 30 cities for freelancing last year, for example, some six million independent contractors were collectively earning View full post…

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