Here’s the Best Way to File Taxes Online

Here’s the Best Way to File Taxes Online

The Best Way to File Taxes Online With Guaranteed Accuracy

Have you ever wondered what the best way to file taxes online? Is cost your primary consideration? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to file that has 100% accuracy guaranteed. Perhaps you’re more concerned with a way that is easy to use.

We have all of the above and a lot more to offer you with our really simple online tax filing program. That’s right, you can prepare your federal and state taxes yourself at our online website. Instead of paying high fees to a CPA or one of the tax franchise operators, you may even be qualified to file your federal return free of charge.

If you’re not comfortable using a computer, let me put your mind at ease. If you can use an e-mail program, you can do your taxes online. It really is that simple. I’m a registered tax preparer and have been preparing tax returns for over thirty years, and this is the best way to file taxes online for an individual.

Tax preparation software today is so intuitive and sophisticated that it essentially does the return for you. As soon as you login and enter your name and address, the program asks you a series of simple questions. Based on your answers, it knows what forms you will need to complete your return.

Just for your information, there are CPA firms that use this type of software in their office. A clerk scans the client’s tax forms such as W-2’s and 1099’s for interest or dividends. Also scanned in are answers to questions from a tax organizer. From there, the tax return is prepared automatically by the software. It’s then checked for typo’s, etc., and printed out. I personally know of one firm in the area who does that and the minimum fee is $500.00.

It also will know your filing status and every deduction and tax credit that is available to you. There is no need for you to know or understand income taxes. The software is programmed based on the tax code and as soon as a change to the code is approved, the program is instantly updated. Did we say that this is the best way to file taxes online?

The same software that is used for the online tax filing website is the same program that we use in our tax practice at the HBS Financial Group, Ltd. At last count, there were about 30,000 tax and accounting firms across the country that use our software. It really is that good.

Right after you finish entering the information from your tax forms, your return is calculated and presented on screen for you to check. The program also knows what state or states you’re required to file and prepares them automatically. You make sure that there are no typos, or any incorrect information from the tax forms. If you’re satisfied, you’re then ready to file.

There’s no need for you to know what type of return or if the federal is free or not. Based on the information submitted, the program will prepare the federal return free if you qualify. If not, then the cost for the federal return is $49.95 and the state is only $24.95.

Once the low fee is paid, the return is e-filed with one click, and then you can print a copy for your records. If you are due a refund, you can expect your refunds in about 10 days with direct deposit.

You’ve seen the ads for online tax filing from the other large vendors, and they can be confusing at best. Several tier structures based on the type of tax forms, and incremental prices as well. It doesn’t matter how complex your return is, the fee doesn’t exceed $49.95 for the federal return.

If you haven’t filed taxes online before, don’t let that deter you. And don’t let the glitzy websites of the big tax vendors with their confusing filing tiers stop you. We encourage you to file your taxes online with us and see for yourself why we say this is the best way to file taxes online.

You’ll be glad you did!

Here's the Best Way to File Taxes Online



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10 responses to “Here’s the Best Way to File Taxes Online”

  1. Avatar Ben says:

    I was looking up a better, more efficient way to file my taxes when I came across this article. This definitely sounds like just the thing I was looking for. I’ve been thinking about doing it the modern way and use a software or a website to file my taxes online, just like so many people do nowadays. There may be a learning curve I’ll have to tackle, but I’m sure it’s worth it.

    • Avatar Gust Lenglet says:

      There isn’t really a learning curve Ben. We use an interview style program, and all that you need to do is answer the questions, and it’s pretty much all laid out for you. If you’re qualified to receive any type of tax credits or deductions, you get them automatically.

  2. Avatar Andrew says:

    Ive always paid for software but was looking for a cheaper way this time. Your site is really the cheapest around. Don’t think anyone else will beat your price!

  3. Avatar Sanders says:

    Ive tested it and its pretty straight forward. Ive tried others in the past that didnt make any sense to me at all but this one did. It will make my tax time a little less stressful.

  4. Avatar Nina says:

    I really like the way you’re describing your services. You make it seem so easy to file taxes that I’m considering giving your program a try. I must admit that doing taxes is not something that I enjoy (who does?). So if there’s a better way to file taxes from the comfort of your own home and free of charge then it’s worth giving it a try.

    • Avatar Gust Lenglet says:

      Nina, it really is easy. Our program uses the interview method, and from your answers to the questions, the program will know what forms you need. Try it free, no obligation.

  5. Avatar Ella Oscar says:

    Of course, the cost is a primary consideration and that’s why many people are searching for cheaper and better ways to file their taxes with ease. The tax preparation software is really a good life saver not to mention that it is very simple to use with lots of amazing features. You gotta try this!

    • Avatar Gust Lenglet says:

      You’re correct Ella, the cost of preparing your tax return can be a big cost. Our online tax filing site at is one of the lowest costs and it’s easy to use.

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