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Do You Want to Know the Best Way to Do Taxes Yourself?

The best way to do taxes yourself depends a lot on your knowledge of the current income tax code. If you’re a first-timer, just out of school, you might not want to tackle this job using a pen and ink, and then mail your return to the IRS and your state of residence.

If you have a very simple return such as a W-2 and bank interest, you can file your return for free at one of the do it yourself tax sites who offer that type of service. However, if you’re going to be using itemized deductions and/or other tax credits, you will not qualify for a free return.

No confusing pricing tiers here–one low flat price

This is the point where filing your tax return will cost you a few bucks. You’ll find that the cost will vary quite a lot depending on the vendor. You’ll also find that when you have to use the paid version, many online vendors have 2 or 3 pricing tiers. It can get very confusing!

A couple of years ago, we saw just how confusing, and often misleading, this had become. There was a base price for a federal tax return and an extra fee (in small print) for filing your resident state tax return.

From there, the different pricing tiers kicked in. The base module only covered certain tax forms for your federal return. If you needed another form not included in the base pricing tier, you then had to pay an even higher fee for the second pricing structure.

If you had a rental property or a side gig, you were moved up to a third and much higher price. Whew! The time had come to provide you the easiest way to do your taxes online for a more fairer and easy to understand pricing structure.

We guarantee you a low flat fee of $25.00 for any type return

After a lot of consideration, we decided to institute a flat price of $25.00 for all returns. It doesn’t matter how complicated your tax return is, or the number of forms and schedules you need. One low flat price. And that includes as many different state returns that you need.

It doesn’t end there either…we e-file your federal and state return(s) too, all included in that low flat fee. This is why we feel that our firm is definitely the best way to do taxes yourself. We designed the program with you, the taxpayer, in mind and made it as user-friendly as possible.

You can try our program for free, no obligation

After you login and create an account, you’ll find a easy to use interview section. Answer a few questions, like your marital status, dependents if any, types of income you have, etc., and our highly intuitive program will have all of the forms ready that are required for your return. You’re about to see that this is the best way to do taxes yourself.

Do your taxes yourself and save big time!PinYou simply enter your tax information that you received on look alike forms in the program, and it is entered automatically on your return. No need to worry either, about all of the deductions and tax credits. Our technological walk-through is a taxpayer’s dream and was designed to make filing your taxes a breeze. You don’t need to be a tax expert either and no  experience is required.

Our unique method to filing your taxes is sure to get your attention. Above all, it’s transparent, very easy to use, and was designed carefully to make sure you have a filing experience that is stress-free from start to finish. Plus, if you ever need help, you can be assured we are a U.S. based company located in North Carolina. All tech support is handled by our local, well trained personnel, many who are CPA’s.

You don’t have to pay up front to give our well-designed program a try. Simply create an account and enter your tax information as you normally would. When you reach the point where your return is complete and you can review it, you can just leave if you don’t love this app. ( We believe you will though.) Our 4 guarantees back-up what we claim too. That’s one big reason we feel that this is the best way to do taxes yourself.

Guaranteed One Price

When we say our tax filing is one low flat price, we mean just that. We don’t promise you one thing and then surprise you with something else when it’s time to pay and file. It will cost you $25.00 to prepare and e-file your state and federal income taxes. That’s it, no more, no less. This is as transparent as it gets.

Guaranteed Max Refund

Our well-designed program does what we call, a walk-through several times to make sure you get every tax break you are eligible for. It’s done without bombarding you with a lot of unnecessary questions too. Based on your financial situation, you will receive the maximum refund possible or you can get your money back.

Guaranteed to Be Easy to Use

This is not some trivial claim either, it’s an honest guarantee. Our goal for every client that uses our program, is to make it a stress-free experience in filing taxes online. That’s one of the reasons we never charge you up front to do your taxes yourself. If you don’t like the app, you can bow out at any point and there is no charge of any kind.

Guaranteed to Be 100% Accurate

Every single year after the program is updated for IRS changes, the program is tested very thoroughly to make sure it’s accurate. All math calculations are checked, and if by some very remote chance you receive a penalty or interest for our math error, you’ll be reimbursed for them.

You don’t have to take our word for it either — give our famous app a try and if you like it, just pay the low flat fee, and your federal and state returns will be e-filed. You can have your refunds deposited to your bank account too, which will speed up getting your money. We designed this app for you to be the best way to do taxes yourself.

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