Filing your own tax return online just got better

Ditch the high tax preparation fees. File your own tax return for just $25 and pay only when you file. Try our error-free tax preparation software that maximizes your deductions and ensures 100% accuracy today!

File Your Own Tax Return

Everything? Yes, everything. You can even contact us for additional support at no extra charge if you need help to file your own tax return. To get started, all you have to do is answer a few questions. Our software will then give you the appropriate forms. Once filled, you’re ready to file. Not impressed? That’s okay. You don’t pay until filing your own tax return. Love it? Send in your return and enjoy a faster, bigger, and safer tax return than ever before.

File Your Own Tax Return right now for just $25

We know what you want from tax return software.

Other vendors offer pricing models that get more expensive the more complex your tax return, even though the software works the same for each one. That’s why we’ve created a flat-rate system with all features included. We’re not going to charge extra if you need help and we’re not going to charge those exorbitant fees for filing your own taxes online like those guys that make you haul your financial documents in and wait up to six weeks for your money.

All state and federal personal returns are $25.
E-filing gets your money in your account faster.
100% satisfaction guarantee – pay only when you file.


The Maximum  Refund

Our intelligent software is designed to provide you with every opportunity to increase your refund based on your answers to a series of simple questions. Not sure how you should answer? We’re here to assist by email or chat. If you already know how to do your taxes by yourself, you can use free navigation to fill your forms and get finished faster.

Accuracy Guaranteed

Inaccuracies in your tax forms can lead to audits, fines, and other headache-inducing consequences that no one needs in 2021. A simple mistake can add a 20% fine to your tax bill while suspicion of fraud can hit you with a 75% civil penalty. All of the calculations performed by our software for your tax return are guaranteed to be correct based on your input.

File your taxes

Get Help When You Need It

One of the biggest problems with other tax filing software is that if you get stuck or need help, you’re on your own, regardless of how much you paid. Our intuitive software guides you through each step while allowing free navigation, and if you get stuck, you can contact us by email or chat to get the help you need to file your own tax return and get that refund in your bank account ASAP.

Our filers love the program and price!

The Best Online Tax Filing Just Got Better

File your own tax return for a flat fee of $25 - Includes federal and state