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If you haven't yet filed your tax return, we encourage you to use our best online tax filing site. It's simple to use, very fast & thorough, and guaranteed 100% accurate. Did we mention the low cost? Don't take our word for it, try it & see for yourself. No cost or strings attached to try. Thanks, and enjoy.

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Who Wants to File Taxes Online Free?

File taxes online free.Are you fed up with the high cost of income tax preparation? Do you wish that you could find some way to file your taxes yourself that wasn’t so complicated? What if I told you that you could file taxes online free by yourself, without any hassle?

I can imagine your response to that.” Here comes another guy with the usual sales pitch.” I know there are a lot of individuals who aren’t comfortable with a computer and wouldn’t dream of doing their taxes at some online website.

I understand that, but speaking from my many years as a tax preparer, it really is that easy, now. Way back when I started to prepare tax returns, they were done with a pencil, filling in the various tax forms. You had to know taxes and to understand how the information flowed to other forms. If you didn’t, you didn’t stay in business very long.

But today, tax preparation software has become so sophisticated and intuitive, that it will actually prepare the return for you. I know one local CPA firm that functions in that manner. A clerk scans in the various forms such as W-2’s, 1099’s, and an organizer that contains all other tax information. The firm’s software program takes that information, and actually prepares the tax return. You don’t file taxes online free here.

They have a couple of employees that then review the return. The first one checks for accuracy in names, SSN’s, etc. The next reviewer, a tax accountant, makes sure that the return was prepared in compliance with regulations. He also checks to be sure that all figures flowed where they were supposed to go. Lastly, he inputs a fee amount and a bill is printed along with the return, a large bill.

The software used at our online tax filing sites is the same type this CPA firm uses. There are only two differences. The first is that none of your forms are scanned into the system because not all individuals have a compatible scanner.

So you simply type in your information from your W-2’s and 1099’s. The second difference is the fee for filing your tax return. The CPA firm would hand you a bill for $300.00 to $500.00 for a simple return. The fee at our online tax filing site could be free for the federal return if you file a 1040EZ return to a maximum of $39.95 for the most complex return. Some difference, wouldn’t you say? There is a small fee for preparing the state return of $19.95.Don't pay high CPA fees to file your taxes. See if your federal return qualifies for FREE Click To Tweet

Instead of a client organizer that the CPA uses, our amazing software asks you a series of questions when you first login. From the answers to those simple questions, the program knows precisely what forms you need to complete your return. As an example, you may have a property that you rent out and need to report.

The program will ask the relevant questions such as amount of rent received, the various expenses you paid, when you bought the property and the cost. From that it will prepare the rental form for you, including depreciation schedules.

The intuitive program begins, assuming that you will qualify to file taxes online free. If your gross income is below $100,000.00, and you meet a few other IRS guidelines, your federal return is filed free of charge and you only pay the small fee to file your state return.

If your information entered exceeds the free return base, the system moves you up to the next higher return. It always gives you the lowest return fee possible.

Once all of your information is entered, your return is printed out on screen for you to review. You can make sure that you entered the information correctly from your various tax forms. You will also be able to see if you have a refund due or maybe you owe a small balance.

When you’re satisfied with the return, you pay for it, and then it can be e-filed to the IRS and to as many states that you are required to file, at no extra charge. Usually, in about 24 hours, you will receive an acknowledgement from the IRS and the state(s) saying that your returns have been received and are in process.

If you chose to have your refunds direct deposited into your bank account, they will arrive in a matter of days. What could be easier than that?

By filing taxes online free or with a more complicated return, you’ll know that your returns have been filled accurately. You will also know that you received every tax credit that you were eligible for as well as all deductions that you are qualified to receive.

So please give our online tax filing a try.

If you just want to see how easy it is, complete your return right up to the point of the final review, and stop. There will be no charge and you have no obligation of any kind. When we say file taxes online free, we mean it.

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