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Effective December 1, 2009, the FTC issued a new ruling regarding disclosure to the browsing public, by any Internet Marketer, information as to compensation received by the Internet Marketer.

Please be advised that I am an affiliate to some of the companies that I link to from this website, and that I receive a commission from them for referring potential customers to them when a product is purchased. I do not receive any free products from them that could influence my decision on referrals. To the best of my knowledge, these companies are in full compliance with FTC regulations. In addition, any responsibility and/or liability for these products are the sole responsibility of the vendor, and not my firm.

I also receive compensation from various advertisers, primarily Google, who is permitted to use advertising space on my website. This compensation is in the form of third party advertising and will never influence our content or opinions.

I am not compensated to provide an opinion or review of any product or service, and as such, can clearly state that any views or opinions contained in this website is my unbiased view or opinion. Additionally, we will only endorse a product or service that we believe to be worthy of such.

This website does not contain any content which may present a conflict of interest.

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