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Does LifeLock Work

Does LifeLock Work? Think You’re Safe from Identity Theft? Does LifeLock work? If you use this service and ever had your identity stolen, I’m certain you will answer with a resounding yes! Identity … [Read More...]

How To Create a Budget

Learn How to Create a Budget for Your Budgeting Personality A quick search on the internet for the search term how to create a budget, will result in millions of hits. You will discover everything … [Read More...]

Do I Need a Credit Card

Is a Credit Card Something I Need to Have? Have you ever wondered if you really need a credit card? I can hear some saying, this guy must be nuts, who can live without at least one credit card?  … [Read More...]

Tax Reform

Spring Clean the Tax Code or Spring Clean the Current Administration? I know I heard someone say BOTH, and I certainly can't disagree. After all, the tax code didn't get so onerous and convoluted by … [Read More...]

Consolidate Student Loans

11 Reasons to Consolidate Student Loans Well, the day has finally arrived! Four long years of intense study, and ten or eleven student loans of varying terms, rates, and monthly payments, and you are … [Read More...]

Student Loans Forgiveness

 Student Loans Forgiveness – Other Options You May Not Be Aware Of There are many programs for student loans forgiveness and Public Service Loan Forgiveness is but one of them. These programs were … [Read More...]

Making a Budget

Finally a Solution to Making a Budget in College – 8 Easy Tips  We all know how difficult college life can be, especially if you're attending a school away from home. For the first time, you're on … [Read More...]

How to Make a Budget

How to Make a Budget That Will Work for You When you start spending your own money, it's time to learn how to make a budget that will work in your unique situation. One of the best ways to begin is … [Read More...]

Green Loan Program Fiasco

Taxpayers Are On the Hook for $2.2 Billion with Obama's Green Loan Program Just when you thought there might be a slight improvement in the economy, you read this update on Obama's Green Loan … [Read More...]