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Selling Your Home

 Can Selling Your Home Create a Tax Liability? Most individuals are aware of the change in the tax code that declares selling your home may not be a taxable event.  However, there are certain … [Read More...]

Hobby or a Business

Hobby or a Business – The IRS is Watching You! Did you know that if you earn income from your favorite hobby, you're required to report it on your tax return? I didn't think so. Most individuals … [Read More...]

Tax Planning Strategies for 2016 – Don’t Delay

Don't Delay - Begin Tax Planning for Next Year's Taxes Now I know, I can hear you saying "But I just finished filing my 2015 taxes, isn't this a bit early?" Our response is No, it isn't. All too … [Read More...]

Charitable Contributions – Charitable Organizations

Charitable Contributions - Six Facts You Need To Be Aware Of Remember the bygone days when you went to your tax preparer, or perhaps in doing your own return, and you pulled a number out of the air … [Read More...]

Personal Budget Software – Choose Wisely

Why Many Personal Budget Software Programs Fail Miserably Are you fed up with using Excel spreadsheets to manage your budget? They are, after all, bare bones and will work, but you don't get many … [Read More...]

Tax Refund Delay in 2017

Another Tax Refund Delay Coming for Low Income Taxpayers The infamous PATH Act of 2015, known as Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes, contains a provision that will delay a tax refund for certain … [Read More...]

Flat Tax or the Current Tax Code?

 Implement a Flat Tax and Bury the Current Tax Code Is the flat tax finally coming? There are many, like myself, who wish it were, but unfortunately, not just yet.  Two or three decades ago, some … [Read More...]

How Spouses Can Achieve Financial Intimacy

Spouses Can Achieve Financial Intimacy With Effective Communication in Discussing Finances Take a wild guess and tell me what you think one of the leading causes of divorce is today. If you said … [Read More...]

Financial Abuse – 6 Ways to Protect Yourself

6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Financial Abuse in Retirement Many of us are familiar with seniors who have been/are victims of financial abuse. Unfortunately, so many of them go unnoticed and the … [Read More...]