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Allowance for Kids

Do You Know What’s the Most Important Factor In An Allowance for Kids? What do you think about paying an allowance for kids as a method of teaching them about money? There are many opinions on this … [Read More...]

Student Loans for Bad Credit

The Best Way to Obtain Student Loans for Bad Credit Most students today must rely on student loans to enter college and pursue a degree. There are several options available generally, but what about … [Read More...]

Senior Citizens in Poverty

Senior Citizens in Poverty Here's an eye opening statistic for you - Prior to the creation of the Social Security System in the 1930's, approximately 75% of senior citizens in America were living in … [Read More...]

Self Employed Freelancer

Self Employed Freelancer – The Simplest Way to Organize So you want to be a self employed freelancer? Are you familiar with the various expenses that you are able to deduct as a cost of doing … [Read More...]

3 Scams Against Senior Adults

3 Scams Against Senior Adults They Need To Be Aware Of Criminal scams against senior adults continue to be prevalent despite repeated warnings by many agencies. As a rule, scammers have no morals, … [Read More...]

Online Tax Filing – Really?

Finally a Solution to the Question - Is Online Tax Filing Really For Me? Is there anything special that I have to do for online tax filing? I will have itemized deductions and also a small rental … [Read More...]

Debt Reduction – Try the Snowball Method

Snowball Method that Gives Quick Results in Debt Reduction Thеrе are many dеbt rеduсtіоn options tо choose frоm whеn seeking оut ways to improve уоur fіnаnсіаl situation. Not аll орtіоnѕ аrе еԛuаl, … [Read More...]

How To Retire Early

Finally a Solution on How to Retire Early Retiring at an early age is possible again, but the rules have changed somewhat. Have you figured out how to retire early, perhaps at age 55 or earlier? … [Read More...]

Tax Effects of Divorce

8 Tax Effects of Divorce You Need to Consider Anyone contemplating divorce has many issues to consider, the least of which is income tax. However, how your divorce is structured could have a serious … [Read More...]